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Sunday, Sunday… In Vermont

We were determined to have a hot breakfast on this day!  We set out down the road and found a quaint diner in Bennington, VT.  We came back to the Inn and went into the group breakfast area to eat again…9557We wanted fruit and yogurt and …yes, felt like little pigs.

On Saturday, during our stop in Wilmington,  found a Natural Food Store and a water sports bottle w/ a filter in it: puregowater.  I tried to rinse it, following directions but nothing would come out, so I tried to see if the filter was blocked and…whoops!… bummer! I broke it!!!! Hopefully the company is understanding enough to send me a new filter …and tell me how to use it!  Let you know how THAT works out.

After breakfast and drivers meeting, we went to the Monument for a group picture:

The Hemmings Car Museum was a short, sweet visit, but interesting old cars… and I mean OLD, 1886…

1886 vehicle and others at Hemmings

1886 vehicle and others at Hemmings






After Hemmings, we all set out to Bennington Pottery.  They did have some beautiful things. But we were good and only bought a gift for an upcoming anniversary. 

So that was the trip in a nut shell.  I’ll detail the itinerary later.  It is such a beautiful scenic tour if you are in the N.East and have a yen for a road trip.


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A Full Day Of Driving In Vermont

The club enjoyed breakfast together at 8 AM. Although late comers didn’t get much… they ran out of food. It wasn’t the type of breakfast we are used to.  They offered lots of bagels and muffins. A few pieces of fresh fruit, a fruit salad bowl and yogurt.  Made the best of it though.
We then had the drivers meeting and set out on a very long drive (especially after 2 cups of coffee, if you know what I mean?!) 10360through VT. Our destination being Weston and lunch at The Bryant House.    Lunch was good, the shopping was disappointing as it was their busiest weekend so the Vermont Country Store and the other small shops were packed. We were not good buyers on this day.  So Ted and I set out before the rest of the club to get to the next stop, Wilmington.  That was pretty and a little quieter.  Some beautiful views along the way:

Here are some land marks, historic sites we saw:  Bennington Museum: houses largest Grandma Moses art and memorabilia available to the public;  Old First Church: Oldest church in VT, built in 1805; Bennington Battle Monument built in 1880 dedicated to the Battle of Bennington during the Revolutionary War in 1777; we traveled along Rt. 7A North and saw The Robert Frost House built in 1769 – home to the poet from 1920 to 1929; Mount Equinox: rises 3,848′ above the village of Manchester, VT and one of the highest mountains in Southern N.England. ; Hildene:  once the estate of Robert Todd Lincoln the only surviving son of the 16th President of the US, Abraham Lincoln; Equinox Resort & Spa:  17 separate structures with over 200 yrs. of history, 6 architectural styles and visited by 4 different American Presidents; American Fly Fishing Museum; Orvis Shops; Old Marble Quarry; Green Mountain National Forest; Scott Bridge: longest covered bridge in VT; Mount Snow (all you skiers know where this is!).

We made it back to the Inn around 5 PM and raced around a bit to get ready for the banquet.   The banquet, although fun time with the group, and OH YIPPEE! … bottled wine, was poor by way of food. Ted and I are too picky.  The hosts of the tour did a SUPER job – no complaints there.  We just don’t enjoy a lot of pasta. That’s basically all there was- well, more for the meat eaters but not much for vegetarians and the group doesn’t seem to be lovers of fresh vegetables…hmmm.   We did win a nice bottle of Amaretto and aperitif glasses. 

After that, we crashed.  Stomachs were comlaining about the strange foods that had been dumped into them.9091

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