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Thought it was going to brighten up today?! It never did.  The weather was mild here in Upstate, NY but dull. Tomorrow should be better with a pretty good weekend: cool, crisp, some sunshine.

Ted was trying to get Shane to sit “pretty” earier today: 

Shane trying to be good

Shane trying to be good

I think Ted was going a bit nuts out of frustration because the gutters that we have waited so long to put on the house are clogging up with leaves over the back porch.  I saw the ladder out there when I came home for lunch … it had to be a bad gutter situation because Ted really doesn’t like heights and/or ladders. Note from Ted: She got it all wrong! I didn’t mind doing it at all…she’s making me sound like a Loon!

 Looks like we’ll have to loosen the purse strings once again and get caps put on them.  Funny thing… the back gutters where we skipped the caps because there are no trees there…well, they seem to be catching the leaves that are blowing over from the right side of the house 30 – 40 ft. away.  Go figure!

Susan told me today that she knew what she was going to serve me for Thanksgiving dinner (Ted and I are going to Sue & Sams for Turkey Day feast).. but wouldn’t tell me what it was. So out of nervousness, I assured my own satisfaction with the upcoming holiday dinner: 

It's Tofurky!

It's Tofurky


Now Sue is a fantastic cook, it’s just that she snickered when she said it and that means trouble!   See, I eat vegetarian (lacto-ovo) however my family enjoy meat so when it comes to the holidays, with all that food, things can get pretty tricky trying to find room & time to squeeze in a meatless, fulfilling main dish. It’s even difficult for me to work into the menu!


As for the rest of the day, I was investigating some certifications for marketing purposes regarding EcoLogo Program and a Carbon Footprint reduction classification.  It’s a bit disheartening because these certs. which would allow you to use a logo that officially states that your company has been inspected and certified for its Green Initiatives, cost a minimum of $1500. and that’s just a start.  C-Flex will make a contribution to the Kenya projects which is a Kenyan Tree Planting program to support communities in the Great Rift Valley.  This contribution will help offset Co2 emissions, reduce poverty, increase wildlife habitats, and create better future options for the community.  Hey.. it’s a start.  For more info, you can go to:  www.carbonfootprint.com   There are so many sites for information on reducing our personal carbon footprints.  If anyone wants to know more about it, let me know.

As for dinner, we had grey sole with sauteed sweet peppers and mixed with left over sauce from last night.

Grey Sole with Vegetables in Sauce

Grey Sole with Vegetables in Sauce

I asked our fish guy what was with the “grey” sole. He told me something about it’s grey skin… I didn’t tell him that I thought all fish had grey skin. 11652


So that’s it for today. Wish you all a great night….gotta go because Ted is cheating at the crossword puzzle…he has the “cheat” book open!


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Dark and Rainy

Hot cereal for a dark rainy day

Hot cereal for a dark rainy day

It’s a rainy, dark morning.  Shane and I were completely soaked when we got home. 

Getting up wasn’t too difficult this morning, probably because tomorrow is a day off – I get to sleep in until 5:30 – 6AM.  I ran for 21 minutes, ET for 15 min., chest and biceps for 35 minutes, and walked with Shane for 32 minutes. 

Morning meals:  3/4 scoop J.Robb Protein=pre workout.  Post exercise meal:  1 scoop J.Robb w/ 1/2 banana, 1 strawberry. 1/3 cup Bob’s Red Mill 5 Grain Hot Cereal w/ Flax + 1/2 banana + 1 tsp craisins + 1 tsp peanut butter.

At 7:14 AM, you can JUST see a little bit of light outside. Sad isn’t it?  Summer is gone.  Fall is here which is the first stop before winter.  The changing seasons is to be appreciated however, the RAINY season is certainly not welcome!  I’m not a real complainer about getting wet. Some people really freak out about rain and getting wet… we’ll dry!  My mother for one absolutely hates the rain.  You would think she’d take it in stride as she was born and raised in England. 

I tried to stay awake for the debate last night and managed to for about 1/2 hour.  I caught the last 15 min. this morning while working out.  Obama has such a calming persona.  This Country does need change and neither candidate is going to resolve the current crisis in his four year term.  But it’s a tough choice trying to decide who will at least make steps in the right direction.  I think we need a President who will bring people and business together in a group effort to resolve the Country’s problems.  We can’t sit back as citizens and look  to one individual to solve all the problems.  There isn’t a situation that arises where the people/person who caused chaos can sit back and let another person fix it. Group effort. Team work. We need a President who will bring the US together as a strong team, offensively AND defensively. 

The last issue I have with this Thursday morning is that the paper is late- AGAIN!  On the bright side, things will only get better!  Have a great Thurs. AM and work hard or play hard.

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