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Do Cars Have ESP?

It’s about time to turn in our Ford Freestyle which is coming off of a lease.  For it’s last month with us, I decided I would drive it more and began this venture yesterday.  When going down a very steep hill to get back to work, I thought I detected a grinding noise. Hmmmm… not a good thing.   No problem, brakes seemed to work at the bottom of the hill and the noise seemed to go away.  Today, on my way to work, the 0% oil life alert went on… needs an oil change.  On my way HOME from work, the left turn signal sounded “rapid”… left tail light turn signal was out.  In conclusion, do you think this car knows something???!!!! Kind of spooky but then, we are approaching Halloween. 9223

Ted is going to try to get back to court tonight to fight his ticket.  He hopes they are open tonight and he doesn’t have to re-schedule again.  We didn’t have time for any great recipe meal tonight. So we tried a frozen pizza (why when we are in Upstate, NY where we can get the BEST pizza??!!!!).  Newman’s Own” pizza. It was very small and I had a tough time getting Ted to give up a pizza bone – mostly because there wasn’t much of one! I made greens and beans to go along with my left over Boca crumble Shepherds pie and Ted’s pizza.  

Newman's Own Pizza




Now it’s off to wash my hair and relax.  Update on Ted’s court appearance tomorrow…. stay tuned!


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No Butter

I was up before the alarm this morning due to a very disturbing dream:

  The entire family, my side and Ted’s side went out to dinner to celebrate Angelas birthday.  Susan however picked the restaurant which was a steak house.  I was a bit put off by that choice as I don’t eat meat but everyone else enjoys it so there we all were.  The only thing on the menu which was not meat was a tuna burger. So that is what I asked for.  We were all sitting along the bar and the waitress was happy and nice. I asked if I could get veggies w/ the tuna but she sad no. She said “I suppose you don’t want butter on your roll?” I said no thank you.  Everyone elses dinners were coming out and they all had baked potatoes but she started buttering my roll and giving me french fries. I said “Oh I didn’t want butter”. Then she said well it will be .75 for a new roll. I said in a somewhat disheartened tone.. “ok”. Then I asked for a potato instead of fries and she took on an EVIL tone, took my plate away from me and said “It will be 20 minutes!” Then never brought my food back and everyone else was done with their dinner and there I sat… hungry, angry,  plotting revenge.  9801

What a way to start the day!

So I just had to get up because I was REALLY frustrated. 

My work out was good however since I was wide awake:  45 running. 40 min. weights (Back & Tris ending w/ Abs). 40 min. walk with Shane. 

It was raining pretty good this morning for our walk. But we encountered 3 people along the way and everyone seemed quite happy.


I treated myself to a large egg beater omelet:  1/2 c egg beaters, asparagus, spinach, cherry tomatoes, chopped onion & feta cheese.  I added about 1/3 cup chickpeas instead of having toast.

big omelet with 3 strawberries

big omelet with 3 strawberries

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