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Brrrr at 29

It was a cold one this morning. 29 Degrees.  The sun was shining throughout the morning so that made it a little better.  Even so, we ask for everyone’s sympathy if you are enjoying 65 deg. and above.

Sam was able to go home from the hospital at 10 AM. He couldn’t wait!  The report was that he managed to get a little rest last night, not due to discomfort but due to hospital noise. 9629His room was very close to the nurses station.    

This mornings healthy breakfast suggestion: For your grain and healthy fat:  Kashi Blueberry Waffles with 1 (scant)TBS 100% pure maple syrup and 1 TBS Naturally More Peanut Butter.  For your fruit add 1/2 a grapefruit and for your protein:  one scoop of Jay Robb Chocolate Whey Protein with 2 oz of fresh blueberries, lots of ice and at least 8 oz of water.  This will keep you going for a while.




It was bill paying day today as Fridays’ typically are. Yahoo was announcing another fall in the global market and a completely bad outlook for the day so I refused to check that home page out again.  When I’m writing checks, I can feel the dollars slipping from my typically sticky fingers.  Somethings you just have to do.

I was excited to receive my PureGo Water bottle replacement!  It really does taste good – no plastic bottle taste.  I’ll send the broken one back on Monday.  They were so kind to understand my clumsiness although in looking at the new one, I think the filter was actually faulty on the broken one.


Ted enjoyed soaking up some cold, but sunshine laced air today while taking his afternoon work break. He did a few odds & ends outside. 

We had expected the “leaf people” back to day.  They REALLY didn’t expect us to have so many leaves.

They did come back later this afternoon and Ted also had them mowing the lawn. I kept Shane on a leash today because I’m sure when he leapt into the leaf pile they had just finished raking, that didn’t encourage any future requests for more work.

Tonight we are venturing out to dinner.  Don’t know where.  Since Ted is growing a few facial hairs for our Halloween costume, he says we’ll have to “slum it” as he looks a bit raggedy.  Before we go, I will get started on the Halloween Competition Cake. Hope it comes out like I have it pictured in my mind. Does that happen to you guys?  You have an image in your mind or a statement you want to say, but when it comes out (on paper or verbally) it’s all screwed up and NOTHING like what your head had created! 

But now I am going to finish my happy hour wine and celebrate Friday! Take care.


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