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Something to think about

we usually don't have a pond thereIt just won’t stop raining today!  There is a winter storm warning until tomorrow. Isn’t New York weather wonderful?! 

As you can see, it’s snowing and … well, there isn’t usually a pond in our back yard!

 Because today was simply an uneventful day, thought I’d pass along this bit of interesting information for everyone to think about.  You can read more at:  www.idealbite.com  “a sassier shade of green” web site. 

 What drug habit do we all need to break?


The Bite
The habit of chucking unused medication. When we flush meds down drains or send them to landfills, they can make their way into rivers and even drinking water. Safer disposal is just what the doc ordered.

The Benefits

  • Not turning fish into addicts. The U.S. Geological Service found that more than 80% of sampled rivers tested positive for meds like antibiotics, birth control hormones, and antidepressants.
  • Less drugged-out drinking water. Trace amounts of pharmaceuticals end up in our taps (and bottled water, since 40% of bottled is just repackaged tap water) because most treatment plants aren’t designed to filter them out.
  • Helping people who can’t afford meds. More than 20 states have programs that’ll take unused drugs and redistribute them.

Personally Speaking
We take unused meds to our local pharmacies whenever we have to pick up a prescription (sadly, it doesn’t mean we get a discount).

 Wanna Try?

  • Starfish Project – takes donations of certain meds by mail and distributes them to people in need.
  • Earth 911 – enter your zip and the word medication to find nearby drop sites for unused pills.
  • SMARxT Disposal – disposal options for those who don’t have a nearby drop-spot.
  • Green Pharmacy Program – join its campaign to push for proper disposal facilities in your area.
  • Drug Repository Programs – check with your local Department of Health or Board of Pharmacy.
  • Pharmacies – some pharmacies (such as many Rite Aids) offer safe drug disposal programs; check with yours.

I really like these free eco-living email tips – they give short, fun ideas for getting your green on.

Please also note that on the right side of the page, side bar, at the bottom, there is a link “Click here to donate”. This is to offer small donations for America’s Heart Run and Walk. As little as a dollar helps the American Heart Association.  As of right now, I intend to run again.


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So you’re feeling all energetic this morning. Your eyes fly open and you think, “wow, I feel good”.  This is how to take full advantage of that energy:

Have 1/2 to 1 scoop of protein powder.  Fill up your water bottle and get into the gym. Now the fun starts.

Lets do Legs. Begin with 40 minutes of running a little faster than you normally would. So if you usually set the t/mill for 6.5 mph, go for 6.6. When you get to 3/4 of a mile, increase the speed at every .5 mile increments until you have run 10 min. Go back down to 6.6 mph.  When you get to 1.6 miles, increase the speed as before until you have run 20 minutes. Keep doing this type of routine for 40 minutes.

Now for the weights.  We will not go super heavy today because you will do 4 sets x 15 reps of everything. 2 different exercises done as a circuit before moving on to next 2 exercises. 

Start with Squats and Leg Press. Alternating between -or rather done as a circuit.  Now go onto step ups on a bench (first 2 sets w/ no weight then 2nd 2 sets with at least 5 lb dumbbells). Along with the step ups you will do leg curls.  Next you will do leg extensions with calf raises.  The calf raises should be 4 sets x 20-25 repetitions.    This routine should take you about 30 minutes – remember Keep Moving!

Why not abs today?  When you run you should be supporting your abs by keeping them held in. Not so you can’t breath but hold that tummy tight. When you do the above circuit, you will support your back by holding your tummy tight during each repetition.  If you do this, you are actually working your abdominals at the same time you are doing your other exercises.

Now go out for 20 – 30 minutes for a somewhat slower run, but keep running.   Keep the energy up!  Refuel as quickly as possible with some good carbohydrates and protein.


Note: This is my routine and not certified by any fitness professional

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