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I figured out (maybe) why I couldn’t satisfy my appetite today:  need fat!  So I ate about 2 handfuls of this:

It did the trick… too bad I discovered my fat need after I ingested more sweets by way of dried fruit. Sugar fix officially taken care of and don’t think I’m proud of it!  Just happy today is a cheat day.




So look who paid a visit tonight…. SUPERMAN! (and Zorro?)  Nicholas is now 28″ long and about 20 lbs.  He’s a growin’ boy!


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Hungry but Hurting

Veggie Joe, Beans & a Salad

Veggie Joe, Beans & a Salad

Ugg! I had to buy one of those bagged salad mixes for lunch because we ran out at home. Picked up the Italian greens mix.  Also got a fat free Greek Dressing. Brought half of a red pepper from home with 4 cherry tomatoes.  To my salad mix (I used about 1/2 the bag thinking I was REAL hungry) I had 1/4 cup great northern white beans and about 1 cup of the Vegetarian Sloppy Joe mix left over from last night.  I thought it was the Joe that gave me the indigestion but look what I found out:  “Oddly enough, high fructose corn syrup is a known cause of digestive problems. “.. taken from this website: http://www.treelight.com/health/healing/Indigestion.html

 So it was the salad dressing!  That will teach me.. start making my own!

Even though my stomach is high in my chest and making its presence known, I feel like something else, but what?! So far 4 chocolate covered altoids haven’t done it.  Nor has the sugar free Werthers.  Hmmmm. I’ll just wait it out from here.

I forgot my PureGo water bottle this morning as well. What a day. It was a slow Friday of sorts but some great product inquiries.  Looking forward to a busy November.

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