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Cake contest needs your vote

Click on the BLOGROLL link to Vote for the cake which will take you to CakeCentral.com  You need to log in then go to page 4 and vote for my cake! When I checked it was on page 4 the last pic on the first row.  There are some GORGEOUS cakes!  Thanks! 

Vote for the Cake

Vote for the Cake


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Update:  See page under “Life”. I have collected pictures around FT Proctor Park for a beautiful “blog” tour.  Enjoy.


my garmin
my garmin

I thought my alarm and clock had been changed successfully with the time change, but found out this morning, that was’nt the case.  The alarm was correct, the time was 45 min. off. That will teach me to try to adjust all 7 clocks in the house at 11 PM on a Sat. evening after a 3 hour dinner with friends!!!! 9880

So in order to make up for the late wakeup, I decided to run a little faster on the treadmill, 3.6 miles in 30 minutes. Do a quick shoulder routine:  3x 12 reps using the universal as follows… 1. Shoulder press 2. Pull ups 3.  Lateral raises.  Then using dumbbells:  3 x 12 reps. 1. seated shoulder press 2. seated lateral raises. 3. front raises -alternate arms.  Finally 4 x 12 rear deltoids using universal. I tried a handstand with Ted’s help,  but feel more secure using my handstand bench. Finished with 2 sets x 12 reps. misc. crunches using medicine ball, crunches on big ball, and seated knee pull ins.  

Shane and I went for a 40 minute run-walk. At least I think it was that long because my Garmin is on the fritz – it won’t even turn on!  Shane was full of mischief today so I let him run in the track field at MVCC. He zoomed around in a huge circle and gradually made the circle smaller around me… like I was being herded!  10241It was fun.  That was the work out. Then I had a good bowl of steel cut oats w/ pumpkin and nutmeg. Had to add a little Agave to sweeten it a bit.  Protein shake with 2 small strawberries (missed my raspberries this week). 1/2 a grapefruit.  That kept me satisfied all morning which is unusual as I typically get hungry around 10 – 10:30. Guess my stomach is still not up to snuff.  This afternoon I had my Oiko’s Vanilla yogurt and tbs of trail mix.  

Work today flew by. After a meeting with the accountant, then a lucky chance meeting with our friend, Mr. D’Amico regarding co. financials, and on to work.  I was rushing out the door at 12PM but when I got in the car, the clock said 11:10AM… whoops!  Change that office clock! Back inside to finish what I started. The afternoon was one project after another… again, not a bad thing. We’re lucky.

I picked up some different snacks and couldn’t decide which to pick at. I ended up doing a comparison by taking a bite of all three. No one will know! I’ve got them hidden in my drawer!  Here’s the scoop:

different snack bars

Z-Bar:  120 cal. 3g fat. 22g carb. 12g. sugar. 3g protein.   Go Lean Roll: 190 cal. 5g fat. 27g carb. 13g sugar. 12 prot.  MoJo: 180 cal. 8g fat. 21g carb. 12g sugar. 9g prot.  My favorite is the GoLean Roll out of those 3. 

Now, here are my all time fav. bars:… and NO I did not bite into these today! By the way, those 3 other bars might even last me all week and then some. 

My Favorites

CarbRite: 190 cal. 3.5g fat. 23g carb. 0 sugar(but sugar alcohol is 20). 21g protein.  ProteinDiet: 190 cal. 4 fat. 18g carb. sugar 0 (again, sugar alc 17). 20g protein.   So whats with the sugar alcohol?  I found this site to offer some enlightenment: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sugar_alcohol.

Here is a did you know regarding Wal-Mart and it’s environmentally friendly initiatives:  The Wal-Mart Buyers use a score card to decide on purchasing decisions for food, beverages and other products in Wal-Mart and Sam’s Clubs. The buyer will grade the supplier on:

  •  Greenhouse gas emissions created during packaging
  • Packaging material’s sustainability
  • Distance materials are transported
  • Package to product ratio
  • and 5 other important metrics.  (info. referenced from “Food Processing Oct. 2008”)

These measures help the company meet its goals in renewable energy, zero waste and the sale of sustainable product which it transfers to you and me, the ultimate consumer. So I say, give Wal-Mart an A++ this month for its eco-friendly organization tactics.  Check it out at http://walmartstores.com/Sustainability.

For dinner?  Well, we are having broiled Tuna steaks which have been marinated in a lime, honey & soy sauce. We will have them with some yellow squash baked with asparagus and spring onions.  The tuna marinade was taken from this Sunday’s recipe out of the Observer-Dispatch.  After dinner, we will try to watch the game but if all goes as usual, we’ll see about 15 minutes of it. Exciting couple aren’t we?!  Night all!

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