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Rain, Rain, Go Away


The bagel making was a success! Now they aren’t my Gingerbread bagels, that’ll be the next step. The batch today came out pretty good.  I also made Gluten Free English Muffins. Those have taste but I rolled the dough to thin and they weren’t thick enough. I tried to layer the second batch to make them thicker thinking they would fuse together.  They are edible though.  Check out the Recipe site for both recipes. I’ll get them up there soon.







I had some left over egg white from brushing the top of bagels (about 1/4 cup) so I fried it on a non stick pan and put it between one of the english muffins with some salsa.   Not bad!  I added a big broccoli slaw salad with salmon and some Annies FF Raspberry dressing w/ a splash of balsamic vinegar.  Now I’m full. 

The layered English Muffi

Jo's English Muffins


We are heading out for groceries since most of the baking is done. The kitchen floors are vaccuumed. The wash is done. Finally, the garden tractor has nice clean oil because Ted took care of that this morning… but not before he got oil all over the garage floor. …. that’s another story. 

9144….don’t come back, even though we know you will……  It’s raining again in Utica.  Shane and I got caught in it during our run.  We headed out late today and, while we were out there, I cursed myself because if I had set out earlier, we wouldn’t have gotten wet.  Here’s what happened….

I got up at 5:30, brushed teeth, got dressed for my run. I was feeling SO tired. I thought, this is no way to set out on a long run. So I layed back down in bed and went back to sleep for another 1 1/4 hrs.  It was 7AM before we headed out the door. I was thinking I would simply run 2 miles and come back, & finish up downstairs with something else, or take Shane for a long walk.  But once my feet started running, it felt good.  We headed through Valley View G.C. to the Switchbacks.  When we came out of the S.B’s, there was a Golden Ret. on a leash, running w/ a group of 3. Then there was a biker zooming down the hill being chased by a little black & white dog. You guys KNOW what I’m thinking?!!!! I took Shane onto the little grass island figuring if he pulled me over, it’s a softer fall than the pavement. That little black & white headed towards us. The owner, one of the runners, began yelling, “RANDY”, “RANDY”. As he approached, I yelled “NO”. “Randy” backed off, Shane was only a little upset (I had him by the collar), all runners and dogs went their own way.  It’s just darned dangerous out there!!!!   9638   We ended up with a good 6 3/4 miles.

At one point, we were heading up a hill and Shane saw 2 deer run across our path. That made the hill easy and that’s a good time to be pulled at the end of the leash by a dog! Cool!

I made my weekend omelet: 3/4 cup egg beaters. 6 asparagus spears (trimmed). 1/2 cup left over italian greens from last night (hot peppers, yowza!). Feta cheese & salsa.  I also had 1/2 of a crappy bagel I made the other day.  Right when I got home, I quickly inhaled a VPX protein shake with 3 strawberries.

So what’s on today? Well I have another bagel attempt going on at this moment. I’ll let you know. Definately have to clean the floors. Someone hairy with a long nose is shedding.  Prob. groc. shop, bake a little, then put my feet up and read this: fri-afternoon-002 It came in the mail yesterday. Yippee.  You all take care and I’ll catch ya later.


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