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Windy Sunday – Afternoon update

Check out Nicholas’ page  in Fun Pics for an update. Ted went for a little visit today. Nicholas has a little bit of a cold but is well on the mend. weekend-nov-15-003

It was chore day today. But I did get the cakes done as well as some leaf cut cookies – to be decorated with royal icing next weekend.       

orange butter cookie leaf cutout

orange butter cookie leaf cutout


The cheese cakes were done yesterday and when it comes time to serve, I ‘ll cover them with chocolate and cherries.  

Chocolate Mocha cheesecake

Chocolate Mocha cheesecake

Now we’re getting ready for dinner with our European customers. Hope the restaurants in our small town stay open for us or I’ll have to bring them home and do some quick cookin’.


Super Sunday!  Happy Day All! 9740

Last night, Ted & I ventured out to buy a B-Day gift for our nephew and decided that the new “Dick’s Sporting Goods” was a great place to start.  I was THRILLED because I love that store.  We ended up getting a gift, Ted got some new winter walking boots, and I got a new hat, wind pants, socks and shoe inserts.  That didn’t even come close to what I saw that I really wanted. Oh well….the holidays are coming.

This morning, the three of us went for a walk to Proctor Park. It was unbelievably windy and Shane was funny because he kept trying to chase the leaves as they blew past us. 9143

When we returned, Ted invited Bob over to work out and I baked a some chocolate cakes. Actually, 2 10″ cakes and 2 6″ cakes.  Got the vac. and wash done so now I’ll go run some errands and …oh watch some football maybe. Won’t be cooking dinner so… I’m Free!!!!


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