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First of all – my apologies… I thought I had posted Nicholas’pics yesterday but I never published it…Well it’s there now!  Fun Pics:  Nicholas Nov 23. 

Now for today…all was going quite well until lunch time. I had a great idea to use the Nori in the fridge. Nori is the food products created from “sea vegetables”.  It’s commonly used as a wrap for sushi.  


I took some rice, drizzled a little agave on it, mixed it with sliced cucumber, radish, red pepper, spread a little red chile pepper hummus on it and topped it w/ salmon and a squirt of lemon.  It didn’t wrap well, but that’s ok ’cause I haven’t done it in a while. Then came to cutting. I found out there isn’t a sharp knife in the house! Well, my cake slicing 15″ job but I’m not using that for sea vegetables… and it’s too dangerous to use during rush hour lunch since I cut my self using it on a slow day.  So here is my, oh so masterfully planned lunch:  an amazing blob of nori with filler material on top of a spinach salad with cherry tomatoes, chick peas, and rest of the red pepper.monday-pics-001

 It was ok only because it filled me up.  Lunch balanced out to be about 340 cals., 24 g protein, 44 carbs, 7.4 g fat.  I think the nori is too old. When it’s been around a while it collects moisture which is probably why my knives squashed it instead of sliced it.  So I’ll toss it and try the wrap again with fresh sea vegetables.

On to taking tofu out of the fridge for dinner tonight. I opened the package to wrap in papertowel and get the moisture out. Plop!  1/4 of it when right on the floor! Tofu isn’t that pretty as a whole piece but when it splats on the carpet, it’s even uglier… getting it wiped up is no easy task either.  I thought I better hurry up and get out of the house before anything else hit the floor, the wall, the …whatever… I had already thrown some knives… Note to self: throwing knives = quick way to get husband and dog out of kitchen.   When I got in my car, I realized I needed a special treat so I dug in my purse and found….. Chocolate Mints from Saturday!  The Brae Loch just got better!  monday-pics-0021

Just realized I was spelling it wrong. Check out the site:  www.braelochinn.com  

Tonight I decorated my leaf cookies.   


 One job complete.  Now some Monday night Football. Oh! Are you wondering what happened to the tumbling tofu?  Well, I was in such a rush to eat dinner with Ted, but wanted to get the cookies done, take Shane for a walk, I just spread BQ sauce on the top of it and baked it.  And the day continues…. that was a mess.  So I put it in a pan on the stove top and let it cook for about 10 minutes.  Not the best tofu dish I’ve had, but it didn’t start out in a “loving” manner either.   



 Now some friendly and family updates:  1. Richard denies being a camera hog (see Saturdays blog…visit with family.)  2.  Mary Ellen has a new puppy!  Her name is GiGi. She is, in Mary Ellen’s words… “…a bundle of energy. ….her mom is a Bichon Frise and her dad a Pomeranian…..and is a whopping 2.9 lbs.!  I’m suppose to get some pictures… so you’ll be seeing GiGi soon – hopefully.

my favorite

my favorite


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Chest Press Proper Form

Great instruction from “SparksPeople” regarding proper form for a Chest Press using a Bar Bell:

Bench Press with Barbell

Starting Position
Lie back on bench. Your feet should be either flat on the floor, flat on a foot rest, or up in the air to protect your lower back from injury. Hold a weighted barbell with arms straight up toward the ceiling.

INHALE: Allow elbows to bend to 90 degrees, lowering the barbell down toward your chest (but not touching it). EXHALE: Extend the arms, pushing the weight back up to the starting position. Don’t lock elbows completely.

Special Instructions
Keep spine in a neutral position. Don’t lift head off the bench during exercise.

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