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At work, I was shown a test we are conducting on a part. It was spinning at 1791 rpm and we put a strobe light on it with a frequency set to 1790. This allowed you to see the part as if it was hardly spinning at all. Pretty cool! However, Joanne, being susceptible to motion sickness, got all queasy and dizzy and ill feeling.  Must have stared at it way too long.

Not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing that I had my mid morning snack prior to looking at that. The snack was 6 oz Stonyfields Plain Organic Yogurt mixed with 1 tsp Pure Vermont maple syrup + 5 almonds + 1 TBS raisins.

Lunch was a slice of frittata and broccoli. I added a very small spinach salad with balsamic vinegar and a hint of F/F ginger sesame dressing.  Still had a hankerin’ for something else, but didn’t know what. I grabbed some almonds and raisins. The old standby.


I also posted the page for Carob Chip cookies. Ted’s eye’s were popping when he said he had one today and they tasted great!. I’d love your feed back if you try the recipe.

Other news

Good movie recommendation:  diminished-cap  Funny and not sad at all.


On another note,  yesterday if you remember, I  had contacted a site to get the recycling bags for used printer ink cartridges.  Great response back. Check it out:

Very happy to hear from you.   Welcome to our growing family of recycle supporters

 50 PREPAID mailer bags will come to you directly from our supplier. Obsolete cell phones, blackberries, chargers and accessories can also be recycled in the bags. You may enclose as many as will fit in each.

In case you do not receive your shipment in about 10 days, please let us know. 


If you use the big toner cartridges or have large quantities of ink jets we send you PREPAID FedEx labels that can be put on any box. Just ask! Because the FedEx cost exceeds the value of one toner, we ask that you put an absolute minimum of 5 toners or 25 ink cartridges in a box.  Or, you can mix a box with toners, cell phones and inkjet cartridges.  ALL name brands of toner cartridges and any cell phones and

chargers are accepted. All but Canon’s BCI inkjet series are accepted. A special barcode on bags and labels identifies Big Cat Rescue for credit.


Do consider giving some mailers to anyone else you know, either personally or at work, who may want to help.  By including one or two in holiday and birthday greeting cards or other social correspondence, many supporters have generously helped spread the word.


The program is growing rapidly this way, generating about $45,000 to help support the cats and keeping about 500,000 items out of landfills. Thanks very much for your participation and support! You can also help save the environment and order your recycled inkjets from our recycle company via the link on our site: http://www.bigcatrescue.org/ink.htm. That will also generate a small donation!


P.S. If you purchase groceries at Albertson’s, a scanable key ring card can generate a donation to us at no cost to you through the Community Partners program.  Even purchases of drugs, tobacco and alcohol are included! Big Cat Rescue is identified by a barcode, your personal information is UNKNOWN to them. Ask us to send you one for yourself and perhaps extras for your friends, family and co-workers. The program works in FL, as well as AZ,NM,TX,LA,WY,CO,andNE. Email us here or Albertsons@BigCatRescue.org to ask for some.

 For the cats!!


Now the dogs:

Pam was doing some dog sitting this week and this is the cute little gal she took care of…   byrne-the-dogBryn is owned by Andrew who was playing this past week on the slopes in Breckenridge, CO.

Pam said her an Bryn got along absolutely great!


 I’m posting this early today because it’ll be rushing around a bit when I get home. Then happy hour ..YIPPEEE! and out to dinner. 

Would love to see that you checked in tomorrow for some holiday baking previews.  Have a great night all!


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It’s not “Black Friday” is it? 

Today began with a painful walk with Shane.  The heavy, wet snow was falling towards us as we walked down the Parkway.  It was painful as it hit my eyes because I forgot my brimmed hat.  The walk was cut short as we turned at the Zoo because, along with the eye pain, I was getting a blister on my right foot.  Luckily, as we turned towards home, the snow wasn’t hitting my face anymore, but the blister was getting worse and my left foot was soaking wet. It was a 58 minute very slow walk.  3.8 miles.  Since Shane wanted to have some more fun in the snow, I did suffer about 15 more minutes outside tossing snow balls and his red kong ball.  What fun!

My pre walk snack was 1/2 a banana with Naturally Nutty Vanilla Peanut Butter:

friday-breakfast-001  As I was getting my breakfast ready, I was reminded to check to see if  Ted managed to fix the dishwasher.  Last night, the typically reliable appliance decided that it wouldn’t allow us to open its door. It completely locked up.  No… still wasn’t going to open this morning. Nuts!  Now I have to wash dishes … could life be any more difficult! 9482

On to the eats.   Fuze Shake with Jay Robb protein, 1/4 banana, a few pcs. of chopped pear, lots of  ice and water.   Had cream of rye today, with apple pie spice, chopped pear and 1/4 banana. 

friday-breakfast-002Now I will leave you with a did you know….Nintendo’s Wii was the most wanted Christmas gift in 2007.  Hmmm….that for some reason comes as no surprise.  Have a super smilin’ day!

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