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First…. a new note from Teddy to Ted, under the Cat: “News From Teddy”. 


The Nutcracker

We were getting ready to leave for the Nutcracker performance so thought it best to have a late lunch that would hold me over…not nice for stomach growls to be louder than Tchaikovsky.  I made a bowl of left over 13 bean veggies and vegetarian  chorizo with a small salad but lots of Maple Fig dressing.  It did the trick. 

The show was done very well.  Since it was my first time seeing the Nutcracker in it’s entirety, it left me really wanting to see a professional performance in NYC.  Maybe one day. But congrats for a job so well done by the Munson Williams Dance program. 

I tried to take a few photos but we were a bit too far for my camera to do justice to the scene.




You’ll note I took a picture of the rat scene (mice technically) – this is referred to as “overcoming your child hood fears”.  See blog from earlier today. Hope I don’t have night mares tonight. 

 We met up with Bob, Nancy, Gertrude, Jackie, Rock, and a nice surprise, we saw Annie there!  Annie works with Ted… well she used to before Ted started working from home.  Here’s Jackie and Annie catching up on things…


What a fun day with friends!

Dinner for two

What to do with 2 salmon steaks. Ho hum.  Ted wanted the same blue cheese sauce that filled his chicken last night… whose the cook here, anyway?!!!  I just couldn’t rap my tongue around salmon and blue cheese tonight (maybe never will) so I did the following.

  • Poured lemon juice over cleaned salmon and let sit for15 min.
  • Heated a pan on high and preheated oven to 400 convection bake.
  • Put 1 TBS Smart Balance+ 1/2 TBS olive oil in pan to heat up.
  • Salt and peppered the salmon and added to hot pan.
  • Cooked fish for 2 min. per side. Removed to plate
  • Added about 1/4 cup Rum and “Nutorious Nut Confections: Cranberry Orange Tango”.  Let that deglaze for a minute. Turned off heat and put salmon back in pan. Spooned rum and nuts over salmon and put in oven for about 8 minutes. 

    Walnuts, almonds, pecans, dried cranberries, sugar, orange oil, salt

     In the meantime, I heated a bag of fresh green beans for 2 minutes in the microwave.  Turned into a high heat pan for approx. 3 min. and added 2 tsp rosemary, salt and pepper, and 1/4 cup white wine. Let cook for about 4 minutes to deglaze.

Serve the salmon over the green beans. 

The results were very, very good.








By the way, did you notice I’ve been experimenting with my picture taking?  Ok, ok… I’m still no photographer but I’m trying. 

We have the Pitt vs. Baltimore game on right now but the good one is on at 8:30…GO DALLAS!!!


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A note from Teddy

Dec. 11

Hi Dad.  Time is flying for us here to.  But not fast enough.  I have
been checking out pictures on the blog.  Hopefully Nicholas will be
walking when I get home.  As for the truck it probably needs a tune up
anyway.  And I have to get the body fixed up.  I’ve been hitting the gym
with a buddy of mine here.  I’m actually making some decent gains.  But
not to much running it’s to cold for that sort of thing.

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