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Having a little trouble here getting internet service. We needed a coffee fix so here we sit offering a update at a Starbucks.  Not bad since Starbucks happens to be one of my favorite rest stops to refuel.

This morning Shane and I went for a 4 mile trek around Heritage. Walk/Jog , this/that.  It was cold. 

I made my self a nice warming breakfast to take the chill away. 

EggBeate, Asparagus, Cherry Toms, Feta Omelet

EggBeate, Asparagus, Cherry Toms, Feta Omelet

Not a real pretty picture, but it got the job done.




As for the rest of the day… shop, shop, shop.

Sunday News.

Couldn’t write a blog today because there is no wireless and the eMAC my father has doesn’t seem to want to work with me. Oh well. 

Here’s old news.

We started out early enough for an 11am arrival in Pawleys.  Ted and Dad set out about an hour later to play 18 holes and Mum and I did grocery shopping along with some other necessary shopping.  You see, I brought with me 3 pair of shoes.  As it turned out, I actually brought 2 pair and 2 odd shoes – 1 left and 1 right of 2 different shoes!  How does that happen?! Honestly! Hence, necessary shopping. 

old odd boots

old odd boots




Ted whipped himself up a quick shake before his golf game and shared a little with me.  I made up a nice green salad and ended with yogurt.










 As I was grabbing greens from the fridge, I happened to notice the ultimate in candy.  If you LOVE toffee,  I recommend you NEVER, EVER try this English toffee because it is SO fantastic, and SO loaded with nasty  calories, your teeth with suffer, your waistline will increase just smelling the stuff, and worse yet, you won’t be able to resist eating one piece after another. It is so good.



After I had about 10 pieces of that toffee, I was screaming for Mum to get me away from it..we HAD to leave immediately. 

Groceries done. Shoe emergency solved.  Time for a light snack.  Spicy Black Bean Hummus and Baby Carrots.




Now it was on to some walking adventure with Shane. So New York might have snow, but this is what we DON’T have!

Can you make burgers out of these?

Can you make burgers out of these?

As we were walking, Ted came home and joined us for a trip to the Marina.



When we got home, Mum had cut into the Almond Torte.  We all tried it and … I’ll admit, it is very, very good.  An Apple Crumbles Success!





Now for dinner.  We made curried cauliflower to go with some smoky enchiladas.   I used a low carb tortilla, a mix of southern beans and peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and southern corn. Topped that with blue cheese in Dad and Ted’s with salsa and very lean ground beef.  For Mum’s , I used cheddar cheese with the beef.  For me, I simply had feta and the bean, corn mixture, but I did have a shrimp appetizer to start.






Tomorrow – we will have to finish our Christmas shopping and, I think, we might be doing Japanese for dinner! 


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