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The days seem to be just flying past. Yesterday is a blur.  Today will most likely be much the same as Mum and I go shopping at Market Commons and Ted and Dad play golf at …something Plantation (forgot the name).  

Breakfast was the same as yesterday so no pic, but I did save some extra room for my favorite coffee. 

monday-tues-001It’s the Starbucks Christmas blend and it seems smoother than most SB coffees. Good review!


Monday Review

What a great day!  Ted and I headed out after our stop at Starbucks and went right to “Martin’s” a great big golf store.  Great buys!

Since a lot of time was spent deciding on golf goods, we were hungry and figured what was better for two extra healthy appetites than “Texas Grill”.  It was a super lunch.  Both of us had big salads. Mine with Grilled Salmon and Ted’s with Grilled Chicken. I had the Sweet Vidalia Onion Dressing and the Balsamic, both on the side. The onion dressing was great, so I didn’t touch the balsamic.monday-photos-001


After lunch, off we went again, but in two different directions.  Ted went to do a “parent present purchase”, about 20 minutes away from the mall, and I ventured into the mall to hit some miscellaneous shops.  Great job on both our parts.  Now it was off to order the fish for Christmas Eve.

We found “Murrells Inlet Seafood” where I met with one of the chefs and spoke to him about our plans for Christmas Eve. Because what I wanted, a whole dressed salmon, would have been about 12 lbs, he suggested another course of action.  I went with what he suggested, and then he sold me on some luscious looking stuffed shrimp and gave me a sample of seafood quiche.  Did I take a picture? Sorry – it was terrific though.  It was SO terrific; I ended up ordering that quiche as well for Wed. night.  My thought was that when everyone else indulges in turkey Christmas Day, I will have a feast of seafood leftovers.  I’m getting the best deal! J

On the way back to Heritage, I left Ted the car and walked back home with Shane (he went shopping as well today. He picked out a few gifts for himself at Pet Smart).   Ted hit some balls at the practice range and I was heading off to wrap gifts. 

Monday Dinner: Turning Japanese

The four of us went to Miyabi Kyoto Japanese Steak House.  What fun!   I had a Merlot, Ted had a Cab., Dad, a beer, and Mum…well she wanted a sweet wine but the plum wine they offered was a bit strong so she ordered dessert before dinner … a Pina Colada.




We sat at our table and toasted the soon to be holiday and birthdays.

Let dinner commence! 

It was very good except for my lobster – way over salted. The same salt issue with Mum and Dad’s chicken but not a peep from Ted. He loved his steak and shrimp.  The end result:  Good dinner.  You’ll notice the huge pile of rice.  It was REALLY enough for about 12 people.  Amazing.



















It was a beautiful night sky in South Carolina and, even though a bit cool, we enjoyed a walk to the Marina where we saw the sail boats adorned with Christmas lights.  A great ending to a wonderful evening spent with the best company.



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