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My mother and I had a wonderful day shopping at Market Commons. It’s the old Air Base in Myrtle Beach that they converted into a little “all inclusive” community.  The grocery store, great clothes stores, gourmet foods stores, etc. all in a community where people can live above the shops or within the surroundings, never having to leave the area. 

We arrived at about 10:30 am and finally stopped for lunch just after 12pm.  We went into “Travinia An Italian Kitchen”. 


 It had a nice atmosphere, wine bottles adorned the sunken bar area with tables situated throughout the large cafeteria style room, but decorated in a very attractive style.  The menu offered something for every taste.   My mother and I both chose salads. She opted for the Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken and I chose the Italian Chop Salad less the pancetta but with Grilled Tuna – Medium. 


My mother thought her salad was great. I was disappointed with mine.  The honey dressing didn’t have much flavor, I sent the tuna back because it was soggy rare.  I finished my salad in its entirety before the waitress came back with my tuna.  She (the waitress) forgot my water, then forgot my mother’s tea.  The bread, dripping with butter and covered in minced garlic, was very good. It was a rustic rosemary bread.


Final review:  just ok… opt for another restaurant next time.


This afternoon, Ted took me Christmas Stocking Shopping. Although I didn’t pick out one thing, he came home with arms full.  That was my kind of day!

On the way home, we stopped to buy a couple of bottles of wine.  A wonderful earthy, complex Italian was recommended to me :  Palazzo Della Torre.  I chose a California Chardonnay – that’s for tomorrow night.  The Italian red we opened and LOVED!  Great representative of an Italian wine.


The three meat eaters had Tourtiere, made by my sister, Sue, as well as the sausage bread she sent up with us.  My mother made a cauliflower-bean casserole for us all to share and I had shrimp with cocktail sauce and thought I’d try a frozen Gordon’s Lemon Pepper Fish.  Don’t ever do that.  Don’t ever buy that fish.  I didn’t read the nasty ingredients and suffered for it. I took a couple of bites and tossed it.  Not worthy of a picture.

THIS however, was worthy of a picture:  Ted and Mum sneaking Susan’s Christmas Cookies


Christmas Eve on Wednesday.  The plans?  Well, as far as we know at this point:  Ted has a golf lesson, given to him by my parents as an early Christmas present.  We have to pick up the fresh fish and then party for four!

It’s Christmas Day and my father’s birthday tomorrow, so no blog. Everyone – everywhere, have a very merry Christmas. God Bless.


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