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First let me say – we had a WONDERFUL Christmas.  We are so fortunate in many ways and very grateful for our blessings.

just a sample

just a sample

This was a sample of Seafood Imperial from Murrells Inlet Seafood. Fantastic. Loaded with seafood and red sweet peppers. I would have purchased some but we had the Seafood Quiche, about 4 lbs of salmon, and stuffed shrimp. So much more than we needed for four.



This is Mocha trying to help open a basket of goodies from friends.




This was my overloaded Christmas Eve plate: Seafood Quiche with Mango Honey Mustard Glaze, Stuffed Salmon, Oven Roasted Vegetables, Crab Stuffed Shrimp.  Everything I love!



Again, Mocha trying to be good. Shane was on the move and missed a picture opportunity.



Christmas Day – 75 Degrees


Shane and me on the Pawleys Island Beach, Christmas Day – also my dad’s birthday.

On the Road Again


Friday morning, it’s on the road to the north and the cold.  This was a roady breakfast. Too sweet but filling enough for a road breakfast.



Our stop for lunch was at a Duncan Donuts – hence the title … Dunder Head at DD. Ted and I ordered the Egg White Flatbread sandwich.  Mine, the Veggie and his, the Turkey Sausage.  The server confirmed after I asked …”yes, I labeled each one”.  Well – after  few bites, SHE LABELLED THEM INCORRECTLY!  You can’t know how absolutely nauseating eating meat sausage is to someone who is a vegetarian!  I felt ill. I am STILL upset about it and intend to write to Duncan Donuts. That was simple incompetence. 

After a long day of driving, we stopped in Frackville, PA.  Hungry as all get out, we went down the road to “Original Italian Pizza – fine italian cuisine”.  “O.I.P”  to locals.  The place had no more atmosphere than a take out pizza place, but the food…OMG – it was SO good!  We began with a Cab and a Chard. Not the best, but any wine would’ve tasted good at that time.












The salad had more dark green in it than other salads. But I’ve got to say, the infused olive oil, was the best ever. They change it every 2 -3 days (State law), it is infused with Rosemary, Garlic, and Sundried Tomato.  I’ve GOT to try it at home.


My dinner was Chef’s Haddock, baked with a crab cake (good cc – I could see great big chunks of good quality crab rather than getting a bunch of bread crumbs and other stuff), side of grilled asparagus. It should have come with Hollandaise sauce but I asked them to leave it off.  

So, although there is snow outside and the weather is frigid, there are some benefits to heading home.

Good night.


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