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Happy Birthday, MJ in Vegas

Since I wasn’t in attendance, no food pics…just special birthday wishes to some one very dear to all of us. This is a dedication blog to our Mary Jane in Las Vegas.

Happy Birthday, Mary Jane. The family members that were in the area gathered to send their best wishes and lots of love:























The sign says “Happy 50th Birthday, Mary Jane”!

Nicholas actually took a bite out of the sign. Unfortunately, no one was quick enough to get it from his mouth before it was swallowed.  Is that a good source of fiber? Hmmph. Have to look it up.



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Home Sweet Home

We arrived home yesterday after a long day and a half of travelling.  The icy conditions in PA had not disappeared in the AM when I tried to walk Shane. It was impossible.  We only went about 1 mile.  It rained non stop all the way home.

So it was a quiet day yesterday, unpacking, washing, putting gifts away, but Pam who is visiting from FL came over for dinner. She and Ted had a steak and I had baked Tofu, marinated in Maple Pom with Old Style Grainy honey mustard. I baked it each side about 20 minutes.

simple-foods-001We had steamed broccoli on the side. I added a slice of lemon and a little garlic to the broc. while steaming. 

Good to be back to “clean” eating.


Sunday at Home

 Waking up in our own bed. Ahhh.  Although there was a moment upon waking where I wondered where I was. Too much wine over the last 5 days.

Up at 5:45 AM to check out the weather conditions by jogging with Shane.  We went 5 miles, but had to stick to the side streets because the walk ways that were cleared had a little ice on them. That should melt today as it is in the 40’s. 

I couldn’t resist getting back downstairs and doing a little more. So I spent 20 min. on the ET, 25 min. doing weights – one exercise each body part, 3 sets x 10 reps.

  • Walking Lunges with 15 lb weighted bar across shoulders.
  • Chest press, 45 lb bar.
  • Bent over rows, 20 lb dumbbells.
  • Shoulder presses 15 lb db’.
  • Tricep push downs using the rope, 30 lbs.
  • Bicep curls, 15 lb db’s
  • Ball crunches.

I finished with 10 minutes of rowing.  The weights were lighter today as I was simply intending to prepare my muscles for the week ahead, back to normal, one body part focus per day.

The workout was rewarded by a nice breakfast:  simple-foods-002  Sauteed 10 pcs. of asparagus-trimmed, chopped + 1 cup baby spinach + garlic and onions + 3/4 cup EggBeaters.  Reduced Fat Feta, red pepper and salt added. Topped with a few sprinkles of hot sauce. Served on top of 2 thin slices of pumpernickel bread.

Today, Ted’s family are coming over to celebrate a late Christmas and Shane and I will make our selves scarce.  People who are unfamiliar with him get a little nervous and we want everyone to enjoy themselves so Shane will just have to catch up on last weeks workload with me at the office.

Have a great day!

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