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Dinner with CEimB

The ingredients

The ingredients

Tonight was my first time following along with CEimB. It was fun because I pulled Ted in to help since he is the meat eater.¬† He couldn’t wait…so excited for REAL meat! You see I always try to sneak my vegetarian meat substitutes past him. Never works. ūüė¶¬†¬†¬†¬† If you don’t want to read the entire procedure, the review for this recipe, from Ted of course because he ate the meat, was “very good“. From my point of view,¬†it was an easy recipe to prepare. ¬†

For my part in this recipe, I substituted Tempeh for the beef.¬† I’m sure there was a better vegetarian sub out there, but I think I used up all my imagination efforts on an up coming cake order.¬† Anyway.. job at hand….our preparation went something like this:

  • Began the sauce at 5 PM.¬† Dinner was on the table by 6:15 PM.
  • The ingredient substitutions were Vegetable Broth for Beef Broth and most of the wine. I only had about 1/2 cup of Red Wine available. As you can see, I used pre-minced garlic (time saver).
  • Chopped shallots, carrots, celery and cooked in my infused olive oil (sundried tomato + crushed garlic clove + dill).
  • The sauce took the exact time indicated in the recipe – 40 minutes.¬†
  • After the sauce was on, I pan seared my Tempeh, which I left as a whole 8 oz¬†slab,¬†2 minutes per side (not 5 per side as we did for the beef)¬†. Set it aside and got Ted to work with the beef. He seared it in the infused EVOO 5 min. per side and popped it in the oven with the temp. indicater stuck in.¬† It was only a 1lb piece so we needed to watch the temperature carefully. The meat cooked at 425. The Tempeh cooked at 400.
  • For the vegetable, I followed along with the picture and cooked green beans with sliced baby bellas. I added 2 TBS of the cooking sauce to the bottom of the vegetable baking dish. Added the beans and ‘shrooms. Added 4 more TBS of sauce on top, covered with foil and cooked at 400 in the same oven with¬†the Tempeh.
  • Cooking time to a temperature (for the beef) of 140 degrees (med-rare) was about 25 minutes for 1lb. After the meat was done, we removed it, covered with foil while I finished the sauce with rosemary and cocoa.

The comments:¬† Ted:¬† “Mmmmm…. good.” “Is this the first time you cooked sauce like this?”¬† Joanne: “I don’t do sauce. So.. Yeah.”¬† Ted: “The sauce is lite so the flavor of the meat isn’t masked.”¬† Joanne: “I wish¬† I had had more Red Wine it would have given it¬†more flavor also the beef broth may have made the sauce¬†more robust in flavor“.¬† I don’t buy chicken or beef broth any more so that won’t happen in any recipe. But we usually do have more wine than I did tonight. What happened there?! Whose been nipping at the wine bottle?


Joanne's substitute for meat

The last comment of the night while cleaning up, which tells you something about any¬†sauce I have tried was… Ted: “Hey! The sauce didn’t even stick to the pan!”¬†


Ted preparing the meat


The Tempeh with Rosemary and Chocolate

Tempeh with Rosemary and Chocolate


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My alarm went off and, again, I was in the middle of a good dream. I got up. Decided, since we were going out tonight and would be later to bed, I should skip the workout and catch an hour or two more z’s.¬† Went back to bed. Sleep wasn’t happening. My mind was so alert you’d think I’d just done 10 laps.¬† Ended up getting up and knocking off 4 + miles on the treadmill.

Shoulder workout as follows:

  • Using cables, Shoulder presses 4 x 12
  • Using cables, Bent Over Side Lateral Raises, 4 x 12
  • Using dumb bells, Standing Side Lateral Raises, 4 x 12
  • Using a curl bar, pull ups for 4 x 12
  • Using dumb bells, front raises, 4 x 12

Shane and I were out and walking fast for 2.4 miles.¬† Can you believe the temps. are STILL above zero – at least at our house?¬† We’re getting our walking in because the weather report insists the negative numbers will arrive by tonight. The wind chill is going to make it unbearable.¬† We shall see.


  • Began with 1 scoop of Smooth Banana¬†pre workout
  • Post workout shake was 1 scoop VPX¬†mixed with 1/4 cup frozen blueberries and FUZE
  • Cereal was 1/3 cup dry Cream of Rye, 1 TBS Buckwheat Groats, 1 TBS dried fruits, 1/2 banana and apple pie spice.


See the little buckwheat groats in there?¬† They’re just ok.¬† I add them for a texture variation.¬† I still felt a little hungry so grabbed a handful of fruit and nut mix while preparing the Namaste Sugar Free Pizza Crust¬†.¬†


Tonight is “Craving Ellie in My Belly” but Ted wanted a homemade pizza at some point. I complied.

Looking forward to tonights blog. It will be my first experience with the CEimB group…cooking along.¬† Check back and have a great day.

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