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Tonight we have a guest blogger, Mr. Robert Michael Burlingame. He offers a review of the benefits we gain from eating fruit. Make sure you check the link to his recommended site, especially if you believe you don’t get enough healthy fruits in your diet.

Thanks Robert!


Benefits of Eating Fresh Fruits

Everybody has probably heard of the saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” at one point or another. Nevertheless, there are many people who aren’t aware of the truth behind the adage; including fruit in their diet can have them reaping many health benefits.

Eating fruits lessens chances of getting chronic diseases.

Individuals who eat more fruits as part of their overall diet are more likely to have less chances of getting afflicted with chronic diseases. This is because fruits have nutrients that are essential for the health and maintenance of the body. Researchers have found that individuals who eat fruits daily are less likely to have a stroke or cardiovascular diseases.

Eating fruits helps people cope with the stresses of everyday life.

More people nowadays are working longer hours, are exposed to more toxic fumes, and are under more stress. Eating fruits can help a person not just in lessening the risk of getting chronic diseases, but also in coping with the daily stresses of everyday life.

Fruits fight free radicals.

Free radicals are molecules that the human body produces when it reacts with oxygen. These free radicals react with other molecules found within cells and may damage their membranes, genes, and proteins. Free radicals can speed up aging and even lead to the onset of various diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease. People are exposed to more free radicals everyday and need more antioxidants to neutralize them. Fruits have antioxidants that help in fighting free radicals.

Different varieties of fruits provide different kinds of nutrients.

When eating fruits, it’s also important to try a wide variety. There are so many fruits available in the market that one can choose from. Some unripened fruits, however, taste sour. These fruits can provide individuals with nutrients that are essential to their health, but the taste may not be to their liking. For those who only want to eat sweet fruits, it would be a good idea to try consuming natural sweeteners before eating the fruits so that they’ll taste better.

Aside from the abovementioned benefits, eating fruits can also help reduce a person’s blood cholesterol levels. The dietary fiber found in fruits can also aid in the body’s digestive process. With all the health benefits that one can get from eating fruits, more individuals should definitely get into the habit of eating these on a daily basis.

This article was written by Robert Michael Burlingame, a personal trainer who enjoys added fruit to his high mass/high protein diet through miracle fruit tablets sweetening enhancers


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Surprises. Don’t you just love them? The UPS guy delivered late last night and dropped this package of samples from Bob’s Red Mill

Samples From Bob's Red Mill

Samples From Bob's Red Mill

I went wild! Ted was thinking.. “what has she ordered now?”  I eat the 10 Grain Cereal and the Steel Cut Oats usually once per week, so those tested by Moi and prove delish! As for the 4 other items:  Polenta, Milled Hemp Seed, Whole Wheat Pastry Flour, and Whole Grain Blue Cornmeal…I’ve never tried them. I’ve never even heard of blue cornmeal.  So here’s a warning guys… there is going to be a lot of test baking going on in the Apple Crumbles kitchen.  The best part is that each one of these packages has at least one wonderful looking recipe on the back .

Thank you Matt, at Bob’s Red Mill for being so kind and sending samples for me to try.

Now for Tuesday AM news.

Did some incline work on the T/M for 35 minutes.  Worked back and triceps today:

  • 8 sets x 15 of all:
  • Mid pulley rows and tricep kick backs
  • Lat pull downs and tricep presses
  • 4 x 10 of the following:
  • Bent over rows + tricep dips.

Shane and I went for a 3 mile run/walk. On our way home,we went through the MVCC parking lot.  They section the lot off with gates for pass holders.  As we were walking through, I thought we would be able to get from lot to lot via the “grassy” dividers.   As it so happens, those dividers are where the plows dump the snow.  What’s fun for Shane isn’t always considered fun for Jo.   I tried to pick the shortest bank to climb and get over. Going up was amazingly ok,but on the way down, a leaping, sprinting dog doesn’t help the “slow and easy” descent.  We made it, covered in snow and the sneakers were filled. 

Breakfast was as follows:

Pre work out shake: 1 scoop Chocolate Jay Robb

Post work out meal ( about 2 hrs later):  1 VPX + 3/4 cup Frozen Raspberries.  Bob’s Red Mill 10 Grain Cereal + 1/2 pear, peeled and chopped to cook with the cereal + 1/4 pear chopped and added to cereal after cooking along with 1 TBS nuts and raisins.   The other 1/4 pear, Ted had to help me eat. Too much PEAR!

10 Grain, pear, nuts and raisins with a VPX shake and raspberries

10 Grain, pear, nuts and raisins with a VPX shake and raspberries

I’m down loading emails for work at home and forwarding them on to Sue if they need printing or immediate action.  This is just in case I don’t have my work computer for the entire morning.  We shall see!

One more thing… tonight I have a guest post…tune back and learn something great about fruits!

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