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Last night, Friday January 23rd was the 64th annual Robert Burns Night at The Brae Loch in Cazenovia.  Robert Burns was a Scottish poet born January 25th, 1759.  He wrote works which entertained farmers and laborers.  People of Scottish heritage gather around the world to celebrate his life and works.  We went to celebrate because I happen to have the same birthday as Robby Burns, January 25th. 

Our dear friends, Bob and Nancy joined us to take in the festivities.  We met at the Brewster Inn where we all stayed.  Bob and Nancy provided pre-RB Night champagne, cheese and crackers. 

Here are the pictures of the night.  Join in the fun!

Just a few additional comments:

The first group of bag pipers, we noted, one had a beer bottle hanging on his belt. It was rare to see any of them during the night with out a “refreshment”. 

Bob’s comment on the Finnan Haddie…”Rich but not ostentatious”.  Oh SO Bob! 🙂

Everyone’s favorite it seemed was the steak and kidney pie.

The Haggis comments:  Ted “Dry”. Nancy ” Smells Sagey”.  Bob “Really mealy – Qualifyingly dry.

If you notice while clicking on the pics to get a better view, that some of the kilt wearers have a purse at the front of the kilt. Well…kilts don’t have pockets so this is to hold all their what nots.

A fun filled night for sure.  If you ever have the opportunity to go to a RB Celebration night…same time every year, Jan 25th. please take the opportunity to go and send along your comments.


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