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Before I get into what a GREAT Valentine day this has been, I’ll go back to my early morning start. It had to be early because Ted and I were celebrating our day at lunch time today.

Up at 5 AM (on a Saturday as well! Can you believe it!). I went downstairs on the treadmill because I didn’t want to wake Shane up so early and also, since he isn’t on his regular diet, I didn’t want to run as far with him.  So I ran 6 miles in our gym.  It was a cold 18 degrees this morning.  I ran another 3 miles outside with Shane and walked with him for a total (including the running) 4.7 miles. Good exercise.

I had my famous Saturday omelet this morning.  I used the left over onion, broccoli, tomatoes, and mushrooms from last nights huge salad.  My fruit was 1 red, juicy apple.

Saturday omelet

Saturday omelet



What a wonderful afternoon. As I mentioned this morning, lunch was centered around the recipes taken from the FoodNetwork show “How to Boil Water” with Tyler Florence.

We both did the cooking. It was fun.  We had Risotto with Wild Mushrooms and Scallops (and I added shrimp as well).  For dessert, we had Molten Chocolate Espresso

I only had red wine available to use in the Risotto but it came out perfect!  The recipes were pretty much followed as presented by Tyler Florence.  We loved the lunch. Perfect-O!

First, look what surprise visitor Ted invited:

My valentine

My Valentine

The fire in our hearts

Martini & Rossi with a Raspberry
Martini & Rossi with a Raspberry





We exchanged cards and talked about our life and love and how blessed we are.
We then lit a beautiful fire.
Next, we poured the BEST Sparkling Wine:  Martini & Rossi Asti.

Both of us then set out to make a wonderful lunch.

Ted did the constant stirring of the Risotto while I prepared the dessert and then cooked the scallop and shrimp.
We both thoroughly enjoyed the meal.
Today was a special day indeedy because even I had dessert (I usually make it but never eat it). 
What a day.
What a wonderful day. 
Ted asked “why don’t we do this every weekend?”   I wonder… why don’t we?!!!
Hope your day was just as special. 
See you tomorrow.
Risotto with Wild Mushrooms and Scallops (and Shrimp) with Multi Grain Bread and Lemon Rosemary Dipping Oil

Risotto with Wild Mushrooms and Scallops (and Shrimp) with Multi Grain Bread and Lemon Rosemary Dipping Oil





Creamy Risotto and Multi Grain Bread

A Valentine Lunch Plate: Creamy Risotto and Multi Grain Bread



Molten Chocolate Espresso with Whip Cream and Raspberries

Molten Chocolate Espresso with Whip Cream and Raspberries




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The Vineyard, Washington Mills, NY

The Vineyard, Washington Mills, NY

It was another enjoyable Friday evening with friends. We met Bob and Nancy at the Vineyard for wine and small eats.  Jackie and Rock had intended to join us however, emergency situation: their basement was deep in 9″ of water.  Unfortunately, they weren’t able to leave that mess.  It happens a lot around here between burst pipes, back flow when snow melts and the ground just can’t absorb all the moisture, we all deal with it at some point.

The four of us did enjoy our evening.  Here is the break down:


My first glass of wine was Gnarly Head Zinfandel. Oh so smooth, velvety and fruity.  Ted had Greg Norman Cabernet.


Gnarly Head Zin - and the photo shot that blinded Bob (sorry) 😦


Since it was Friday, a 2nd glass of vino was in order. But the selection was so vast, I couldn’t stay with the same, so Ted and I both had the Hess Monterrey Chardonnay.

Hess Monteray Chardonnay

Hess Monteray Chardonnay

Now for eats.  It was basically a pizzeria menu. But they were offering 2 for one apps. as well as 2 for one pizzas. 

I ordered a small salad (which could feed the table when it showed up), and a shrimp roll with hot sauce.  That was a bit disappointing because under the shredded lettuce was mayonnaise (GAG!!) and the shrimp was battered and fried (eewwww!).  Dissection was in order. I unbreaded the shrimp and ate a few bites of the unadulterated bread. 

The shrimp in hiding

The shrimp in hiding

The pizza was good, after I added hot sauce to it.  We had a mushroom and pepper pizza and Bob and Nancy ordered a sausage pizza.

Mushroom, pepper pizza

Mushroom, pepper pizza

Following the full bellies, lots of chit chat and laughs, we went our separate ways.  Ted and I exchanged the DVD for “Man on a Wire”.   I ended up sleeping through the entire thing. Oh well.



What are your plans? 

Ted and I are having a Valentine lunch.  I’ll tell you later, but here’s a hint:  our meal is what I saw on FoodNetwork during “How to Boil Water”.    So I gotta get with it and go shopping.

Wait! I have one more thing to share.  Look what came in the mail yesterday: 

A winner from dietdessertndogs
A winner from dietdessertndogs

I won!  Great site you should check it out. DietDessertnDogs.

Tonight I’ll tell you about my AM run with Shane, my breakfast omelet and our V-Day dinner.  See you later gaters!

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