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This post is a day late and a dollar (actually millions of dollars) short.  1. This was actually a post I was going to do last night, but my stomach suddenly decided to make itself known in the most unwelcoming way yesterday afternoon. 2. A dollar short because…ahhhhh…it wasn’t a winner.   Please read on and by the way, I’m still a little on the queasy side but I bounce back quick and refuse to be sick. I’ll be back in the saddle tomorrow for sure. Sick smiley:11657

What a nice surprise I found in the business mail yesterday. It was addressed to me so don’t get any images of me sneaking off into a closet, my little envelope in hand….  It was a MEGA MILLIONS lottery ticket for the Ohio lottery.  But you live in NY…yes, yes, I know.  This was sent to me from one of our advertising sources, “Design World” magazine’s representative.  What a nice thought…especially if it had been a winner.  That’s right. I only got one number which is exactly why I never buy these tickets myself. I’m a really bad gambler.

Could it be the winner?


A trend on ties…

I received the “Style” trends news email from Huffington Post yesterday and the writers were curious as to the color of President Obamas’ ties during his first 50 days in office.  In case you are interested, here are the “Huffington” stats:

  • BLUE: (17) = 42.5%
  • RED: (12) = 30%
  • GREY: (5) = 12.5%
  • BLACK: (5) = 12.5%
  • WHITE: (1) = 2.5%

“Where’s The Beef” Burger:

Tonight’s Vegetarian menu was a “Harvest Direct Soy Burger


Product Description:
A delicious, soy protein based mix, perfect for making burgers, “meat” loaf, or “meat” balls. Also makes delicious `crumbles` for salads, chili, etc. Non-GMO soy. Just add water and grill or fry. Makes over 1 pound! 6 oz box.

Directions: Stir contents of package with 1 cup of water in a medium size mixing bowl until mixed well. Then knead mixture with hands for 30 seconds (this step is critical for proper texture) and let stand for 5 minutes. Form into 4 patties 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Cook in non-stick skillet over medium high heat for 3 minutes on each side. Remove from heat and serve.

Ingredients:Soy protein concentrate, carageenan, natural flavors (vegan), salt, onion powder, malt powder, garlic powder, spices, caramel color, beet powder.

What is carageenan?  It is a seaweed extract used to thicken, emulsify (keep things together), provide texture (thicker, chewier), and prevent crystallization. 

I added 2 TBS dried onion, 1/2 tsp italian spice mix and 2 TBS my favorite salsa.  I formed 4 small patties and cooked in a non-stick skillet as directed, 3 min. per side.




serving suggestion

serving suggestion

You might wonder why I added dried, minced onion when the mix already had onion powder.  I like the texture of onion in my “burger” and also, I love onions – just not raw. 

Although, because of my stomach dilemma last night, this meal wasn’t eaten, I have some great Vegetarian burgers for lunches in the next few days.

Have a good night all!


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