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To begin, here is a preview of tomorrow’s delivery:  The text is correct. It has a inside family meaning. It is not for me to question…just DO it.  

 More pictures of cakes were posted under “Baking Fun“. 


On another note, as a “BzzAgent“, there are some pretty interesting samples to test.  This one arrived today and it will be for Ted to offer comment on as he suffers from a few nasal discomforts.   If you want a coupon, $3.00 off, please email me your address and it will be sent directly to you.  It would be interesting to hear your comments.


 Now the point of this post.  Running

Today’s Observer-Dispatch ran a 3 1/2″ x 5″ article on running being better for building strong bones.    Here is more of the original publication from Missouri EDU, however it is not quoted in it’s entirety. Please see link to read more.


Feb. 26, 2009  Story Contact:  Emily Smith

  • Resistance training often is recommended to increase and prevent loss of bone mineral density (BMD)
  • Now, in a new study, University of Missouri researchers have found that high-impact activities, such as running, might have a greater positive effect on BMD than resistance training.
  • The results of the study confirm that both resistance training and high-impact endurance activities increase bone mineral density. However, high-impact sports, like running, appear to have a greater beneficial effect,” said Pam Hinton, associate professor in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology in the MU College of Human Environmental Sciences
  • Only the skeletal sites that experience increased stress from exercise will become stronger. For example, performing upper body resistance exercises will not increase bone mineral density of the hips. The response of bone to loading is determined by the magnitude of the force, and the rate and direction(s) at which it is applied. Therefore, high-impact, dynamic, multi-directional activities, including structured jump-training (plyometrics), result in greater gains in bone strength. Playing basketball, volleyball, or soccer are also good options.”
  • After adjusting for differences in lean body mass, the researchers found that runners had greater spine BMD than cyclists.

Another great site for information and discussion on running is Runners Lounge.  Terrific input is offered and interviews weekly.

Friday night special…

As for tonights dinner and eats, its back to Franchetta’s.  Review tomorrow.  In the meantime, have a super Friday night.


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