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What better way to enjoy swordfish than on an outdoor grill.  Such brilliant flavors express themselves with a good selection of fresh fish.

Locally, we have a limited selection of fresh fish. But once a week Owls Head Fish parks a truck in the New Hartford shopping center from 8 AM to 12 PM.  Either Ted or I will make a trip to purchase the best fish our upstate city has to offer.  The assortment offered is for fish found in the Boston area.  Swordfish was our fish mongers suggestion for this week. He was right on the button!

DSCN0880Swordfish On The Grill

  • 1.25 lb swordfish steak, about 1 ” thick
  • 1 TBS Grill Seasonings – either pre mixed or use a compilation of salt + garlic powder + black pepper + dried minced onion + fennel seed + red pepper.
  • Mix together 1 TBS soy sauce + 1 TBS lemon juice + 1 tsp Cider Vinegar + 1 tsp Ginger powder + 1/2 tsp sugar

Directions:  Heat the grill to 400 F.  Rinse and pat dry the fish. Rub the grill seasonings all over one side.  Pour the mixture of soy sauce, lemon etc. on the fish and let sit 15 minutes.  Grill 6 minutes per side. 

We served the fish with steamed green beans.   The flavors of this meal were fantastic. The seasonings and marinade on the fish presented themselves as the perfect compliment.  With every bite, the first taste was the delicate added flavors which melted away with the soft texture and perfect fresh flavor of the fish.  This was one heck of a dinner.



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