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Let’s begin with Tuesday morning…


Hi ! I miss you, DAD!

Shane and I were up early today and went for a 4+ mile run.  He FINALLY was up to running. Shane feels a bit better today although the morning temperatures were quite a bit cooler, 56 degrees.

I ate so much fruit for breakfast then ate one of my huge egg white omelets. It will probably keep me going all day.

1 1/2 slices of fresh pineapple, a medium apple and 1/2 a banana.  Phew!  Now, back to yesterday….

On a beautiful Monday afternoon, at about 2pm, Shane and I went to the beach.  What fun!  Shane’s tummy was upset and he wasn’t eating really well so I thought he would be quiet on the beach. He saw the waves and the water and just kept running at them and trying to bite them.   We ran along the sand and he kept pulling me into the water.  All that salt water on an upset stomach….you KNOW what comes next don’t you?!….Yes, yes…along the ride home I heard the inevitable happen in the back seat.  Thank goodness Shane hadn’t eaten anything or it would be a real mess. The result was a door full and half a seat of foamy sea water. Sorry…is this a food blog?!  Whoops. Even so, it wasn’t that bad and we had fun.

 When loading the pictures last night, a surprise photo appeared in my camera…DAD!   My dad must have wanted to post a picture of the traditional tea time in the house.  However, he forgot to include the plate of cookies which always accompanies the tea.


Monday Vegetable…we oven roasted fresh cauliflower with 1/2 a red pepper, chopped and 1/2 and onion, chopped.

  • Preheat oven to 400 F.  Add the prepared vegetable to a foil lined aluminum pan for easy clean up.  Add 1/2 a cup of vegetable broth then sprinkle the veg with the juice of 1/2 a lime, a little salt and pepper, 1/2 tsp thyme, ginger,  garlic and allspice.  Roast for one hour.

The flavors used on the vegetable were to compliment the CEimB main course which will post on Thursday.


Monday night, I was condemned to another room to watch “House”.  My parents and Sue opted for  “Dancing with the Stars” and wouldn’t  hear of having anything else on ….even for the first hour.  Family feud!

 Now it is Tuesday morning and Sue and I will go see the movie “Star Trek”.   I’ll take the cotton for my ears because it is always so loud in the theaters, it takes away from my enjoyment of the movie.

So you enjoy your day and thanks for all your emails and comments…keep ’em coming.

Have a great day!


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