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Playing With Pictures

There are all sorts of things I could post tonight, but instead, I got fooling around with my camera because my intention is to take a photography course in September.  I’ve been thinking about cameras, lighting, ISO settings, f values…all that stuff important to getting the shot right.  So I thought I’d have some fun with our happy hour wine and took the following pics. all different settings.  Notice any differences? I can’t.  Some hard core lessons are a must for my photography future.

Here are (drum roll please) the wines:  …By the way, the wine is a Chardonnay from the Columbia Valley, a Washington State wine.  It is from the Indian Wells series and offers a showcase of fruit with a bold flavor.   It is rich and tropical.  A very pleasing wine for my palette.

We have Saturday, Sunday and part of Monday until the first AC Give Away.  No strings attached. Please visit the post, link HERE, and leave a comment.  Thanks and Happy Memorial Day weekend in honor of those who served our Country.


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Trying to sleep in on a no workout day, such as Friday used to be so enjoyable well over a year ago when the house didn’t own a German Shepherd.  Now it’s quite a challenge.  It’s okay as long as both Ted and myself are still in bed.  But if one of us gets up, Shane and his herding instincts kick in.  As long as everyone remains in the bedroom, it’s okay.  If anyone decides to go downstairs, the “herd” is in disarray and something must be done.  Nipping is the usual way the dog gets his group back together, but when one is under the covers, there are no limbs to nip.  Unless the face is hidden, that falls victim to the herding dogs means to get his group together. First the face suffers a poke with a big, wet nose.  If there is a moan and a turn over, the dog whines and jumps up so his front paws are on the bed and he can continue the poking.  If you try to remain still following the initial poke, “play dead” so to speak,  it won’t work.  That’s the worst because the next strategy of this herding animal is to poke, lick, whine, lick, lick, lick.  It’s a messy wake up call.

Today, Ted decided to work out.  As you can tell by now, that meant that I was forced to get up as well.  Instead of a workout, Shane and I went for a 3.25 mile walk.  It was an easy walk, just to enjoy the fresh morning air. 

Breakfast: A bowl of Cream of Rye with 1 TBS organic reduced fat coconut, 1 TBS Buckwheat Groats, 1/4 cup frozen raspberries and 1 TBS raisins. 3 strawberries. A VPX vanilla shake with 2 TBS yogurt and 1/4 cup frozen raspberries.



Look at these strawberries. They have been HUGE in the markets lately.  Course strawberry picking is just around the corner.


Do you like to pick your own strawberries?  Do you end up eating way too many while you pick?DSCN1033


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