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The restaurant of choice last night was one we have been to many times before.  It is conveniently close to home.  It is good old Italian cuisine, there is seating outside and the atmosphere is friendly.  The clientele range from young to old.  Older Utica residence begin the night at Dominique’s Chesterfield Restaurant, and the younger Utican’s close the place at 2 AM.  

DSCN1042We grabbed a complimentary free appetizer voucher obtained in February and made our way for an evening of all time favorite foods.


First up was the glorious dipping bread. It is served with a plate pooling with olive oil, white bean dip with a balsamic reduction.  We asked that the bread be served less the butter, simply cheese, garlic and herbs because Chesterfield’s do tend to over soak the bread.


Our appetizer choice was of course the meatless greens, called “Greens Morelle”.  They are a mixture of Escarole, cherry peppers, oreganato mix, and romano cheese with bread crumbs, finished under the broiler.  Last night, they were overflowing with red peppers which I was quick to extract since Ted balks at the site of such hot little beauties.  They were HOT.  I almost suffered a case of “hot pepper hiccups”.  Does that happen to any of you?  If I eat a hot pepper and it is very hot, I immediately get hiccups-one right after another e.g “hic, hic, hic, hic“.  It’s not a nice experience at ALL.  The greens are $9.99 for a healthy serving, easily enough for 4.

DSCN1044The restaurant changed the way it served the salad which was in bowls rather than on a plate. This to me should be a no-brainer since when we get salad on a flat plate, half our time is spent putting it back ON the plate.  Maybe Ted and I just lack dining grace?  By the way, a dinner salad iDSCN1045s $3.99 extra with the meal.


Now for the main course, Salmon and Shrimp.  This was oven roasted salmon and baby shrimp with mushrooms, topped with fresh spinach in a tomato marsala cream sauce.   Sound delish?  It is superb at $18.99 for the plate! 




To end the dinner in a perfect way, a velvety smooth cup of fresh brewed coffee.


Tonight we will enjoy dinner with friends at Georgio’s in New Hartford.  I’ll have to save my shrimp dish for tomorrow.  Have a great weekend BUT…before you go, please enter the GIVEAWAY found at the following link. GIVEAWAY.  Simply leave me a comment, a “hello”. Thanks!  AND….one….more…thing.. VERY IMPORTANT… please wish Scott at RealEpicurean CONGRATULATIONS on the new baby.


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