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This cake was ordered by the graduate’s Mother.  She said she wanted a cake just for her and HER friends.  Go Mom!  DSCN1372

 It is a white cake with cannoli filling.  Half of the filling is topped with raspberries and raspberry preserves and the other half is sliced fresh strawberries over strawberry preserves.    The frosting is a butter cream/cream cheese mix.  The cream cheese helps bring out the cannoli filling flavor. 


Since the school colors were gold and brown, and since the cake was REALLY for Mom, nothing fancy was done to decorate.  The assorted chocolate pieces scattered on top were to distract from some cracking that occured in the icing upon moving the cake.  It was a REALLY heavy cake, even though the size was only an 11 x 18.  Three chocolate covered strawberries sit in the upper right hand corner to distinguish the strawberry end from the raspberry end.

Go Mom! Enjoy some cake for Kyle!  Congratulatins Kyle – Grad. 2009!



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