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In spite of staying up until 10pm watching “Merlin” last night, a good workout was accomplished this morning.  I started with 15 minutes of rowing.  Chest and Biceps today. For chest, I used the cable machine for the most part and for biceps, I used free weights and bars.  The weight workout was about 35 minutes.  Shane and I got lost again in Utica.  I thought I had turned up Albany St. from Kossuth but it turned out to be South St. We were a little farther down than I wanted to be. We put in a good 4.7 miles running.  Not bad since yesterday we did 6.75 running.  Shane still isn’t “up to speed” but at least he keeps going.

Breakfast:  The protein shake was VPX Vanilla protein powder + 4 strawberries + 2 pieces of watermelon.


Now you’re going to think my oats look a bit odd. I made a spice pouch to flavor the oats this morning so that’s what you see…


It’s not pretty but it adds a lot of flavor to plain oats.  The spice pack consists of Saigon Vietnamese whole cinnamon pieces from MySpiceSage.com  and 4 whole allspice pieces.  I added 1 tsp raisins to the cooked oats.

Now- back tracking to Saturday… 

Saturday’s mail was a real treat for me.  I received a package from Stonyfield Farm.  In the package there was  a reusable shopping bag, coupons for FREE Oikos Greek yogurt (one of my very favorites), and a CD. 

UPDATE!…This just in from Kristina at Stonyfield…”since 2007, all of our products have been certified organic. At the time the brochure that I sent you was printed, we did still offer the choice. However once organic supplies increased we were able to convert all of our products to organic! ”


The material offered valuable information about Organic farming and products. For example, did you know that organic milk and yogurt means that the cow was fed corn, soy, hay  which were GROWN organically?  There is no worry that antibiotics or growth hormones were used on the animals.   

Stonyfield products are organic or all natural.  Since organic items tend to cost slightly more due to production methods, quantities, etc., Stonyfield offers the all natural variety for customers who want healthy but aren’t quite 100% sold on organic. 

As for me, I try to buy and eat organic items when available.  However, when organic produce is shipped from long distances the cost is prohibitive.  I also consider there is a good chance of getting the item home and finding half of it moldy.  Not good. 

In regards to Oikos yogurt, when I can’t find Oikos, I buy Stonyfield. It tastes creamier and smoother than other yogurts I have tried.  Yogurt is a daily part of my diet and comes into play as my mid morning snack with a healthy piece of fruit.  If you have never tried Oikos yogurt and would like one of my coupons, please let me know in the comments. I will send a coupon to 2 people who respond with interest.

Also in Saturday’s mail… my new book arrived: 



I haven’t started the book yet, but I was SOLD on it after reading a review at Kathlyn Flynn’s site.  I love reading about cooking and not just recipes.  This book goes behind the scene of what you and I DON’T see when visiting our favorite restaurants.  Can’t wait to get started!


A movie review…



This DVD stars Anne Hathaway – I’m a fan!  It starts off a bit slow but keeps you wondering…”what the heck?!”  And then….what a shocker of an ending.  Give it a try and let me know if you were as surprised as I was. 

Happy Monday!


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