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This weeks CEimB recipe was chosen by Natalie of  Whats For Supper.  Make sure to check out Natalie’s blog for the complete recipe or go HERE for the link.

The first way to eat a Breakfast Cookie

The first way to eat a Breakfast Cookie

Since the title of the recipe is “Breakfast Cookies”, I made them for breakfast. Quick and easy. In 30 minutes the cookies were mixed, in the oven and my bowls and utensils were cleaned. 

There were a few changes and a couple of screw ups.  My changes and screw ups  resulted in a tasty, not too sweet cookie that was a bit dry for Ted but a good dunking treat for me.  

  • Reduced the butter to 1 TBS from 2
  • Used 2 TBS Natural Peanut Butter and no oil


  • No granulated sugar added
  • Used 1 large banana instead of baby food carrots (I have some frozen bananas in the freezer that need using up and this was a prime opportunity to use one of them.)*See Below.





  • Instead of 1/2 cup oats, I used 1 cup – This was an error. I don’t know whowhatwhenwhere, or why this even happened.  My only guess is that I always use 1 cup of oatmeal when making my favorite oatmeal cookies. I must have had a relapse from the present moment.
  • I added 2 scoops of Protein Powder to make it a breakfast POWER cookie.


  • I baked the cookies 16 minutes…another mistake.

*Do you save your over ripe bananas?  If you don’t want to waste left over bananas, you simply put the over ripe fruit in a freezer bag.  When you are ready to bake banana bread, cookies, or some other delicious goody, simply remove the banana(s) from the freezer and let defrost for an hour or so. Make sure you peel it over a bowl because once it defrosts, it is very mushy.

Other than ingredient changes, I followed the directions, adding the protein powder with the oats and baking on Silpat sheets instead of parchment.  Mixing entailed ditching the spoon and using clean hands since the batter was sticky and thick – probably due to doubling the oats.

The way we ate the cookies:

Crumbled the cookie over cooked oatmeal to add sweetness and crunch to morning steel cut oatmeal:


The second way to eat a breakfast cookie

Ted enjoyed the taste and therefore countered the dryness by pouring his protein drink over the cookie…see the pink cookie?


The Third way to eat a breakfast cookie - Ted's way

The best use for this cookie is to dunk it in milk, coffee or, my favorite dunking “juice”  = TEA

The Fourth Way - The Final Way - Joanne's Way to eat a breakfast cookie

The Fourth Way - The Final Way - Joanne's Way to eat a breakfast cookie

Thanks Natalie for a unique twist on our CEimB Thursday cooking adventures.


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