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I know, you've seen our waterfall before, but I just love it!



weed or flower?



I scanned the whole bouquet and this one was perfect!

 Shane and I went for a 4 1/2 mile hike this morning, only jogging a little on the down hills.  As we turned the corner for home, Ted was just leaving for his short walk. I handed over “beasty boy” and arrived home alone, so I decided to practice picture taking around the yard. 

I’m not sure but I think the yellow one might be a weed?  Oh well, I thought it was pretty.

What about those cherries?


Movie Review:  “KNOWING” with Nicholas Cage


I was the only one who stayed awake through the entire movie. My parents arrived home yesterday with their dog, Mocha so the six of us were in audience: Ted, Myself, Dad, Mum, Shane, Mocha.  Dad kept denying that he was asleep. Mum was snoring, but insisted she saw the movie, then proclaimed “It was hard to follow”.  Well… MUM!  You slept through most of it!   Ted, as usually was fighting Mr. Sandman as his head lolled back and to the side.  The dogs…HA!  

Anyway – about this movie. Sci-Fi isn’t really my thing and this film did nothing to alter my opinion.  It was slow to get going. Disturbing in parts. The end result is not surprising.  Not a good movie for Nick. 

There are 3 movies currently at the theater I would love to see: Harry Potter, The new Johnny Depp movie, and Hangover.  Anyone see any of these yet?  Let me know.  We will prob. wait until the DVD’s come out because the theater volume is just way too much for my ears.

Have a great Friday!


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