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An email landed in my in box today from RealAge.com regarding the benefits of milk and other dairy products.  I have to admit, I am not a milk drinker. Never have been and never will be.  I can tolerate it on cereal but then hot cereal is more preferred by my tastebuds in the morning. 

If there was ever anything to motivate someone into drinking more milk, it is the results of a study which found “that people who consumed more calcium, particularly in the form of milk and other dairy products, tended to weigh less as they age. ”

The research seemed to indicate that “calcium plays an important role in regulating weight by causing shifts in fat metabolism.”…”High levels of calcium seem to inhibit the creation of fat deposits in the body, and increase the rate at which fat is burned.”  From  “Drink Milk to Stay Slimby Susan Madden, MS

Keep in mind that if you don’t give up that can of soda for that glass of milk, you will gain weight.  There are added benefits to drinking milk but you still need to balance calories in with energy (or exercise) exerted.





Red, Red Wine…by UB40 … remember?


Red, red wine, Go to my head, Make me forget that i
Still need her so
Red, red wine, It`s up to you, All I can do, i`ve done
But mem`ries won`t go
No, mem`ries won`t go

I`d have thought, That with time, Thoughts of her
Would leave my head, I was wrong
And I find
Just one thing makes me forget

Red, red wine, Stay close to me, Don`t let me be alone
It`s tearin` apart
My blue, blue heart

Red red wine you make me feel so fine
You keep me rocking all of the time

Red red wine you make me feel so grand
I feel a million dollars when your just in my hand

Red red wine you make me feel so sad
Any time I see you go it makes me feel bad
Red red wine you make me feel so fine
Monkey pack him rizla pon the sweet dep line

Red red wine you give me whole heap of zing
Whole heap of zing mek me do me own thing


Redred wine you really know how fi love
Your kind of loving like a blessing from above
Red red wine I love you right from the start
Right from the start with all of my heart

Red red wine in a 80`s style
Red red wine in a modern beat style, yeah


Give me red wine because it make me feel fine
Mek me feel fine all of the time….

The line broke, the monkey get choke
Burn bad rizla pon him little rowing boat….



Okay..enough of that.  If you want to read all of the lyrics or have the tune on your cell phone, click HERE.

You must have heard it before about the benefits of red wine, red grapes, etc.?  Rrecently new studies show that the resveratrol works as an effective therapy for inflammation which results from life threatening diseases. 


Resveratrol, found in the wine or skin of grapes seems to prevent the body from creating two molecules which are proved to result in inflammation of delicate internal organs. Through laboratory testing,  scientists have proven wine’s anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-coagulant properties which basically means that it will help prevent your arteries from clogging up.

So for heart health, drink wine in moderation and that means (1) 5oz glass per day for women and 2 for men.  A quote from Gerald Weissmann, MD, Editor-in-Chief of  The FASEB Journal:   “The therapeutic potential of red wine has been BOTTLED up for thousands of years, and now that scientists have UNCORKED its secrets, they find that studies of how resveratrol works can lead to new treatments for life-threatening inflammation.”

It’s Friday and it’s Happy Hour.  Might I suggest a healthy glass of wine for the Mr. & Mrs. and a cold, refreshing 8 oz glass of milk for Junior?  Either one…enjoy!




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