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Crazy, Crazy, Crazy

The new site is found at www.applecrumbles.com but not quite in full swing yet.  You will find some goofy stuff. Be patient. It will get corrected in due time.

Since yesterday I have told you that I’m switching over the blog.  Well …it wasn’t a “1-Click” situation.  GoodNESS!  I was on the phone with some very patient techies today…3 times in fact at Bluehost.  By the way…if you want to find a really supportive hosting site..BLUEHOST people!  Amazing!  Even though I’m still having some issues, they have been super.  

So here we are, half way there. Kind of . I think. 

There will be more tomorrow, it’s just I’m a bit worn out from the frustrations and everything else.  Keep checking in…I’ll be back in full swing soon.


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