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What a fun morning at the American HeartRun and Walk Health Expo!  I was actually able to turn it into a “food blog” event. See below.

There were so many happy faces and people to talk to. Everyone had a story.  In fact, working at the Utica Road Runner table wasn’t just trying to get people to join the club or start running, it was listening to some really interesting survivor stories of bypass surgeries, heart attacks, etc.  These are happy people and rightly so.  These are some fun pictures working with Jim Stasaitis, the Director of the Run/Walk event:

dscn0306Is that promotional enthusiasm or what?!!!

At the Utica Road Runner table, Jim Moragne, Rob Ichihana and myself spoke to passersby about up coming races, joining the club locally or in Rome… we listened to stories of survival, success, on going fights for health…. I just can’t express what a great morning it was.

Jim and Joanne promotoing our team

Jim and Joanne promoting our team


Now, how did I turn this into a food blog event? Well… during some down time, I was scanning the immediate vicinity and happened to notice someone who looked like a chef. Then I noticed someone who looked like and assistant to a chef. Then I noticed chaffing dishes….hmmm ( I thought).. food?  I mossied on over and found this:










Since I was working the table 9 – 11, it was the yogurt and granola being offered.


Lucky for me, at about 11 AM the Bassett Healthcare cooking crew began cooking onions and did they smell!  So … my time was up and I high tailed it outta there.  Peee-U!

I found this very informative, health conscious table on my way out and picked up 2 magazines filled with recipes and coupons as well as 2 recipes for “Spinach Ricotta Stuffed Manicotti” and “Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies”…

The star program for healthy shopping at Hannafords

The star program for healthy shopping at Hannafords

I just can’t express my enjoyment in the expo this year.  By the way … I signed up for the 5 mile run.  After that… Ted and I are off to Niagara Falls for an over night get away.  Can’t wait!

Have a great night all!

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