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Wednesday’s work out was back and triceps.  Getting up wasn’t a chore since I was able to relax earlier than usual last night. I hit the massage chair at 7:45 pm and that really eliminated a lot of tension.  I went for a walk with Ted and Shane at 9pm. By 9:20pm, I was already under the covers. Zzzzzz.

Back to today’s exercise:   4 sets of each exercise.  I’ll refer to each “set” as the back exercise immediately followed by the tricep exercise.  The first “set” was done for 20 reps. The second “set”, 18 reps. Third “set”, 15 reps. and finally, the last “set”, 12 reps.

  • Close grip pulley rows + Two hand overhead tri-extensions.
  • Wide grip pulley rows + One hand overhead extensions.
  • Close grip pull downs + Bent over tricep extensions.
  • Wide grip pull downs + Tricep presses using the cable machine.

The warm up was 30 minutes of ET.  Shane and I ran 3 1/2 miles.  He picked up a tennis ball at the top of the street and carried it the entire length of our run.  At least he was more controllable this morning.

Breakfast:  There was a really over ripe banana that I was eyeballing for my shake this morning. Ted beat me to it. You gotta be quick in this house.

  • dscn0875Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut oats with cinnamon, 2 English Toffee Tea Bags, 1TBS powdered chocolate peanut butter.
  • Jay Robb Chocolate shake with 1 TBS powdered pb.
  • 1/2 a grapefruit and 1 strawberry


Now it’s off to work. 

Have a happy hump day!


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Shane is back to normal. I was almost thinking that he was quieter the last week because he had matured somewhat. WRONG!  I did discover what was causing the itching around his neck… me giving him a bath.  I hope it’s just the doggy shampoo I used and he’s not reacting to being clean!   

Wednesday. Hump Day.  It was a workout of back and triceps.  4 x 10 – 15 reps. of each exercise.  The exercises today were bent over rows (I don’t like doing these), one hand overhead tri extensions.  Mid pulley rows, two hand o/h tri extensions.  Lat pull downs -wide grip, tricep presses. Lat pull downs – V grip, tricep dips. 

It was a 4 mile running warm up on the treadmill and a 3 1/2 mile walk/jog with Shane. Nice morning to be out there but my chin got a little cold.  The wind was blowing on our walk home. There was even one point when I wondered if my tongue was actually getting cold since I was walking with my mouth slightly open and it kind of felt “frost bitten”.  Pretty picture isn’t it?!   

Here’s breakfast…



Protein Shake: 1 VPX Whey Pro. + Ice and water + Raspberries + 1/2 banana.



1/3 cup of Silver Palate Thick and Rough Oats cooked with 1 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 banana, 1 TBS Organic Reduced Fat Coconut, and topped with 1 1/2 TBS Granola (just make sure to keep an eye out for this Granola tomorrow).

I also tossed into my mouth about a TBS of soynuts, almonds, raisins as well as a tsp of Naturally More PB while I was making up my mid-morn. snack. 🙂

Gotta get with it… this is a post break…but now breaks over.. have a super day!

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