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Beginning with Saturday morning events, the normal activities of waking early and running were not done today.  There were sore legs all around so the long walk seemed the best therapy.  If all goes well, running day will be Sunday.  Besides, it was cold this morning, 19 degrees. The snow had melted however and it was a pleasant sunrise and lovely to see the water flowing again.




Last night, as mentioned yesterday, it was dinner at Franchettas. 

Beginning with wine, followed by the Baby Spinach and Chevre salad, another dinner salad, and finally the grilled tuna served on a bed of spicy green beans.













Since the photos do not offer a picturesque detail of the wonderful tastes experienced in last nights dinner, the following is offered:

Walking into Franchettas is like walking into a family member’s home, so welcoming and friendly. 

Wines are recommended and offered to try.  Tasting glasses, which are standard wine glasses in most restaurants, are swapped for a truly luxurious mouth experience through a glass.  The wine is poured with no limits to quantity restrictions…”Oh look. There is only a small amount left in the bottle. You better have it or I will”.  Words from Pierre, the owner.  Hence, the wine glass over flows.

Orders are taken as the waitress says “Oh I remember you! No starch. Extra Veg.!” 

Salad appetizers are served. Salads are served.  Finally dinner is placed on the table.  All courses spaced perfectly in a well choreographed manner. 

We enjoy Franchettas so much. It ranks number 1 in our books.

At home, about 9pm, we decided to watch this adorable DVD:


Or should I say, ONE of us decided to watch it. Ted’s head fell back and he was out for the night.  As for me, I did get emotional rooting for Diablo, the German Shepherd.  My Hero! Lot of love:10142

Today is a cake delivery, grocery shopping, baking more cakes and making more frostings.  There is a lot of reading to be done on test products as well as enjoyment.  One more item on the agenda is a “Blondie” comparison bake off. That’s right. A test is being conducted on the best recipe of two. 

Hope to report back later with what was accomplished and what wasnt’.  What? Cleaning?  Oh No! It’s SATURDAY!

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I was so famished by 12 PM today, my lunch was enough for 4 and basically consisted of left overs plus a broccoli slaw salad.  By 1:45PM, I wanted something else so I had English Toffee Tea. I proceeded to finish off the 1/2 of that Jay Robb bar from yesterday and started into a Protein Diet bar.  wed-eats-0011

I’ll have to pace myself tonight with our seafood dinner. I was watching the Food Network this morn. while on the treadmill and they had a Phil’s Fish Market in CA featured. He made a Chiopino (not sure about the spelling) which I intend to try tonight. It looked great!  I checked out the website and he offers some interesting recipes. Ok.. getting hungry again.  Joanne talking to tummy: What’s happening in there?”


I was working on high speed all day. I’m still zippin’ around like a whirling dirvish. 

I made the cookie batter for peanut butter and choc. chip cookies and put in the fridge for baking either tomorrow eve. or this weekend. It also freezes well so that helps with getting a heads up on holiday baking.  In re- to the peanut butter, I’m using the Pillsbury Bake Off winning recipe. It’s a “stuffed” peanut butter cookie. They used the refrigerator Pillsbury dough but, as I said, I made my own.

peanut butter dough

peanut butter dough


choc. chip dough

choc. chip dough








So after the dough making, I set to with my seafood stew aka Chiopino.  I doused the seafood w/ lemon juice and that included salmon fillets, jumbo shrimp, sea scallops.  I heated 1 tbs olive oil (too hot cause I made quite the mess) then added some Mediterranean Seasoning/marinade (about 1/2 the jar). Added the 2 salmon fillets, topped those with the shrimp, topped the shrimp with the scallops. Poured Veggie broth and tomato basil soup on top. Added a pinch of saffron and let simmer. I was able to remove the skin off the salmon when it cooked and when the shrimp turn pink….wallah!  Done!  It was very good. I served it with boiled parsnips (boiled in veggie broth). Don’t you just love parsnips? They are so sweet.

Chiopino ingredients

Chiopino ingredients


Cookin' Chiopino


Now, I’m going to try to wind down, check out some of my fav. sites and finish the Sudoku with Ted. We did the crossword and the word jumble already. Have a great night, All!

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It’s Happy Hour

fri-afternoon-005Happy hour special at Ted & Jo’s:  Jacob’s Creek Shiraz.

Friday, as always, was non stop at work.  But I did take an extra 15 at lunch time to p/u some of my holiday baking goods.  If I get a chance, I’ll get started this weekend:

fri-afternoon-001I’m also going to make another attempt at bagels, hence the big block of yeast and whole wheat flour. The butter mints are for a peppermint pie. The nuts and M&M’s are for cookies, bars, and other yummy yums.

The Utica Heart Run and Walk app. came in the mail but I already signed up on line. If you would be so kind as to make a contribution to the American Heart Association, you can do so by checking out the “Helpful Links” on the right and clicking on “Heart Run & Walk”.  I’ll have C-Flex as a sponsor as well as a personal donation, but a $1.00 from anyone goes along way to a very reputable organizaton.  fri-afternoon-004If I can get Ted to do it, he might… maybe he’ll do the 3 mile walk with Shane. This is one of the few events that allow dogs.  9667

As for other plans, we are out to dinner tonight then again on Sunday. The Gents. from the UK and Sweden are arriving and Ted is being nice enough to accompany me on a business dinner at Dominique Chesterfield’s Sunday eve. Even though (I always stick a “t” at the end of my “though”‘s!!!- it’s sooo annoying!)  it will be a bit late for us, it should be…ummmm…eventful?!

So that’s all…keep your fingers crossed that Shane and I don’t encounter any lose dogs on our run tomorrow. I think I’ll go through the Switchbacks just to be save. At least those dogs are on leashes!  Have a great night and enjoy your Happy Hour.. and then some!

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