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Just outside one of my office windows there is a bush. It borders our parking lot and last year there was a tremendous amount of noise coming from it. You see, in the summer the bush is very dense with leaves and you can’t see any branches.  We discovered that a bird had made a nest and the babies were of an age when they were constantly chirping at mom for food.  Such tiny birds can make such a racket!

The nest is still in the bush which you can see since it’s winter and the branches are barren.  I don’t know if a bird will come back and use the same nest?  I don’t think so, but sure hope they do. The noise of baby birds will be a very welcome commotion around here.

Bird nest at C-Flex

Bird nest at C-Flex

It is just so sunny outside today, but deceptively sunny, the temperature isn’t very high.  Still, it has to make you smile and feel good.   

As I said this morning, I stayed at work for lunch.  This is what I brought in with me:

  • Baby spinach with sliced radishes, sliced red bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, Yellow Fin Tuna in a Teriyaki marinade. 
  • The salad was topped off with crushed “Blue Diamond Natural Pecan Nut-Thins” – a cracker I crushed to give my salad crunch. These are Wheat & Gluten free and REALLY good!
Baby spinach with tuna salad

Baby spinach with tuna salad

I also had, since I was still a bit hungry, 1 TBS red pepper hummus with celery sticks and baby carrots.  Did I need a dessert? For sure!  I had 2 Dark Chocolate Creme de Menthe Altoids.

One of my favorite guiltless treats

One of my favorite guiltless treats

I was reading a VGF email which posed the question: “When does a recipe become your own?”   In other words, how much do you have to change it to call it your own?  I have thoughts on this, but what are yours?  An interesting pondering.

Coming out of my fog… and into the “par-tay’ zone”  because its FRIDAY! I’ll be leaving soon to get my glass of wine and hubby and set out for a good Fri. evening.  We should be meeting up with the “bunch” at The Vineyard tonight.  Good talk, good friends, good fun. 

OH.. in the meantime, if you were wondering, Shane is feeling better today and will get a little of his regular food tomorrow. The rash on his belly is completely gone and he’s bugging the heck out of Ted today! Yay Shane! Back to normal!



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