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Happy Birthday, Ann!

dscn0769Ann’s birthday cake is a vanilla, two layer cake with chocolate mousse filling and buttercream frosting. 

It took me THREE attempts to get the “ANN” right on this cake. 

1.  It came out looking like “AMM”.

2.  It was too far to the left.

On the third attempt, I settled for my “Ann”.  See how it’s bigger than the “Happy Birthday”?  I think it was a frustrated …ANN!!!!!


After the delivery, which was easy because both cakes today, Linda and Cindy, and Ann’s, went to Symeons for their birthday celebrations, I embarked on a much more difficult cake to decorate.  It’s a “Pooh” cake.  The characters Eeyore, Tigger, Pooh, and Piglet are featured.  It really isn’t turning out as I would like but my neck is getting very stiff and I’ve had to put it away for the night.   It will be featured tomorrow before delivery.  Stay tuned….

As for tonight, Ted and I are off to the Yahnundasis Golf and Country Club for an event sponsored by the ARC.  I believe a silent auction is featured as well as “heavy” hors d’oeuvres” and wine.  Review tomorrow.

I’m going to sit outside now with Ted, enjoy a glass of wine and see if I can’t coerce him into rubbing my neck. Ouch!


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 A birthday for…. MAGGIE!


Elmo And Grover of Sesame Street

Elmo And Grover of Sesame Street



Maggie is having a 9″ double layer “Confetti Cake” and is celebrating with Elmo and Grover.  The Confetti Cake is easy… just use the formula for your favorite white cake and add those multi colored sprinkles.  They melt while baking and give a wonderful, colorful look to each slice of cake. Great fun for a kids party…or for us adults young at heart.   Sorry no picture of the inside… we’ll have to see if Maggie will send one our way.


A pic of the Confetti cake inside. Compliments of Bonnie who attended the big blast…


Happy Birthday, Maggie!


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