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Monday morning is a tough morning for most people to face.  Especially following a fun filled weekend.  That is why I leave the option of going back to bed after the alarm goes off and doing my workout later in the day. 

This Monday morning the alarm light was shining bright, but the alarm had yet to sound. I shut it off before having to listen to the “beep, beep, beep”.  Into the bathroom, checking all “systems”.  I was wide awake just not really feeling like a workout.  Still, I followed the usual routine. Brushed teeth, washed face, into the kitchen for a pre-workout protein shake and downstairs to hit the weight room.  A 3.35 mile run was accomplished.  Went right into a chest and bicep workout: 4 exercises x 4 sets x 15 repetitions.  Bench press. Hammer curls. Bench flies. Cable curls. Cable chest press. Concentration curls. Pec crossovers. Curl bar curls.   Finally, a 3 mile run with Shane.  

That’s just proof that even if you don’t think you have the energy to put in a good workout, get into that gym or hit the road and just do it. You might be surprised at the results.  After all, only 30 minutes a day goes a long way.

Breakfast Oats. 


1/4 cup Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut oats with 1 TBS each Reduced fat coconut and dried blueberries. A sprinkle of cinnamon.  

Breakfast Fruit. 

1/2 a grapefruit

Breakfast Shake.


1 scoop Jay Robb Chocolate Whey Protein with 1/2 a small banana. 


Last night’s DVD

“Bangkok Dangerous” was typical Nicholas Cage.  I’m such a fan. It was an action packed, somewhat gory, thriller.  I only dozed off at the very end.  A recommended must see if you like Nicholas Cage. Although, he does look a little scraggly in this one.

Happy Monday All!


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During our excursions yesterday, we stopped at Peter’s Cornucopia to pick up some specialty foods.  I came across an interesting item that I thought might be a nice addition to my morning hot cereal:

dscn0389Notice the “HappyBaby“?   Yes, it is a little treat for babies because it melts in your mouth with very little chew.  They are mild in taste but have a nice soft crunch.  The nutritional information is 25 calories for 1/4 cup. 0 Fat. 10 mg of potassium, 6 carbs., .5 sugar, and 1 g protein. 


The preworkout shake was a Smooooth Banana 

My workout was a good one considering it being  a Monday.

  • 40 minutes of treadmill running
  • 35 minutes working back and triceps, ending with 50 ball crunches.
  • Shane and I walked and jogged a little for just under 3 miles.

Post workout meal was another Smooooth Banana shake.  1/4 cup Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats with cinnamon, 1 tsp raisins, 1/4 cup “Puffs”. 1/2 and orange on the side. 

I’m ready to face the day.  Bring it on! 

Have a good one! The sun is shining today.

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