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A new shake mix was on the menu, “FitSmart Shake”, Chocolate Creme. It is Gluten Free, Preservative Free, and No Artificial Ingredients.  The nutrition values, in summary, are:  Calories: 155, Total Fat: <1g, Total Carbs: 17 g (Fiber=10, Sugars=2), Protein:20g.  The taste is very much like the Jay Robb Chocolate Protein that I typically use.

DSCN1023The unfortunate characteristic about these shakes is that they don’t stay mixed for long.  Enjoy it QUICKLY.


Today was Back and Tricep day:

Warm up with 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer.  4 sets x 12 reps:

  • Bent over rows. One hand tricep press.
  • Pull ups. Two hand tricep press.
  • Cable rear delts. On hand overhead tricep extension
  • Cable mid back row. Two hand overhead extensions.

4 mile run around Proctor Park with Shane.

A new twist on oats. I added 1/4 cup each blueberries and raspberries with 1 tsp maple syrup and cooked up the hot cereal.  There is about 1/2 TBS of  my granola mix from “Mix My Granola” on top. It’s not pretty but it sure is tasty. 


Did you know it’s International Pickle Week?  I’m not making that up.  To bad I’m not a fan. Oh well. Have a great Wednesday 🙂


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Wednesday’s work out was back and triceps.  Getting up wasn’t a chore since I was able to relax earlier than usual last night. I hit the massage chair at 7:45 pm and that really eliminated a lot of tension.  I went for a walk with Ted and Shane at 9pm. By 9:20pm, I was already under the covers. Zzzzzz.

Back to today’s exercise:   4 sets of each exercise.  I’ll refer to each “set” as the back exercise immediately followed by the tricep exercise.  The first “set” was done for 20 reps. The second “set”, 18 reps. Third “set”, 15 reps. and finally, the last “set”, 12 reps.

  • Close grip pulley rows + Two hand overhead tri-extensions.
  • Wide grip pulley rows + One hand overhead extensions.
  • Close grip pull downs + Bent over tricep extensions.
  • Wide grip pull downs + Tricep presses using the cable machine.

The warm up was 30 minutes of ET.  Shane and I ran 3 1/2 miles.  He picked up a tennis ball at the top of the street and carried it the entire length of our run.  At least he was more controllable this morning.

Breakfast:  There was a really over ripe banana that I was eyeballing for my shake this morning. Ted beat me to it. You gotta be quick in this house.

  • dscn0875Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut oats with cinnamon, 2 English Toffee Tea Bags, 1TBS powdered chocolate peanut butter.
  • Jay Robb Chocolate shake with 1 TBS powdered pb.
  • 1/2 a grapefruit and 1 strawberry


Now it’s off to work. 

Have a happy hump day!

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