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We spent a lot of time checking out the vehicles with still no firm decision.  We drove the Subaru Tribeca which was nice. We drove the GMC Acadia and the Buick Enclave.  All nice SUV crossovers w/ AWD.  No rush decision is necessary, espec. w/ the market being what it is today.

We stopped at Panera’s for lunch. They have a good menu. Ted had a Turkey Club served with an apple. I had black bean soup w/ a small round of whole grain bread and the “Fandango” salad which was comprised of greens, mandarin orange sections, walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, and fat free raspberry vinaigrette. Also served with an apple.  We then went on to Party City for Halloween ideas.  We’ll wait and suprise you but we did come up w/ a plan.

Dinner tonight was Sauteed Rainbow Slaw. My own creation of 1/2 cabbage (shredded), 1/2 each red, green, orange, yellow peppers, 2 green onions(chopped), 12 cherry tomatoes (sliced). Add 1/3 c balsamic vinaigrette and let sit about 1/2 hour.  Put about 2 tbs Smart Balance in pan and heat on med-hi. Add 1 tsp 5-spice powder to veg and 1tsp Sugar in the Raw.  Saute about 10 min. Turn to low while preparing the rest of the dinner. …. and that was:  Sauteed Seitan for me and Chicken in Lemon-Herb Butter (Smart Balance) sauce for Ted.  If you don’t know what Seitan is, it is a vegetarian product made with wheat gluten. The texture is great and very healthy. 1 serving = 90 cals, 10 g total fat, 18 g protein. Here is a great site that thoroughly explains Seitan and offers recipes as well as how to make your own: http://www.vrg.org/recipes/vjseitan.htm


I guess Ted’s chicken wasn’t enough because when Shane and I returned from our walk, he was caught in the act:                                                                      

So we will leave you with that and wish you all a wonderful evening.



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Is this gorgeous?

Is this gorgeous?

Wow – what a beautiful morning in Upstate NY!  Shane and I went for a 6 + mile run and watched the sun come up over the golf course which looks down into the valley.  The dew on the grass, the low fog on the reservoir, the sun peaking over the horizon, temperature a cool 32 degrees… you couldn’t ask for a prettier morning. Wish I had brought my camera but with Shane in tow, his water bottle around my waste, treats in my pocket (in case I needed his undivided attention), there was no room for a camera…or anything else for that matter.  What a great run.

When we got home, Ted was working out downstairs, so I did about 10 min. of rowing. Got the wash in, and gave Shane a shower and trimmed his nails.  What fun! 

Last night, we ate at Franchettas on Varick St. It was really good. I had the Arctic Char and Ted had a sirloin.  The atmosphere, music, and service was beyond comment. Just perfect.  We ventured out to see some vehicles before dinner, but the dealerships were closed.  We also exchanged the WORST dvd, “War, Inc” with John & Joan Cusack, to name only two… but other good actors. It was SOoooo bad!  We rented “Flawless” and watched that when we got home. It was very good with Michael Caine and Demi Moore. 

good movie

good movie








Back to today…while waiting to have breakfast with Ted, I decided to make dog treats. 

Peanut-"chocolate" Doggie Treats


These are called Peanut-“Chocolate” Doggie Treats.

The recipe is fit for human consumption and by that I mean, there isn’t any “funky” mixes like peanut butter and garlic….

I make Shane’s dog treats because it’s hard to find cookies for him that are wheat, barley free. So here is the recipe:

Peanut-“Chocolate” Doggie Treats

1 1/2 c cornmeal, 1 cup Quinoa flour, 1 tsp molasses, 2/3 cup peanut butter, 2 large eggs, 2/3 cup soy milk, 2 Tbs carob powder (hence, the “chocolate”).

Mix all the wet ingredients together, and mix the dry ingredients together then blend into each other. Form into 2 balls, then make 2 flat patty out of each.

Preheat oven to 350 Degrees. While that preheats, let the dough sit (about 15 min.).  Roll the dough out, about 1/4 ” thick and slice into bit size pcs.  Put on foil lined, non-stick sprayed cookie sheets. Bake for about 25 min.   Let cool.  Let sit on the counter for 1 full day before putting away to store.9662

The agenda for the day:  finish wash, clean a little, go car shopping (yucky!).  This afternoon, we’ll do some yard work and play frisbee a little….at least those are the current plans.  We also have to finish putting the lawn furniture away and feed the birds. Look out! Exciting day in store for Mr. & Mrs. Ayoub!  Have a SUPER SATURDAY!

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