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This morning’s workout wasn’t too bad considering I had a week off. It was chest and biceps today.  4 sets x 12 reps.  Warm up with 30 minutes of Elliptical Trainer.

  1. Incline bench chest press + Cable one hand curls
  2. Incline bench flies + Cable curls
  3. Cable chest press + Concentration curls
  4. Cable Pec Crossover + Curl Bar bicep curls
  5. Cable Flies + Hammer curls.

I tried to do push ups but only managed one set of 15 because a playful German Shepherd was all over me.  The added weight of him trying to sit on me just didn’t make the push ups very easy.

Shane and I went for a 3.45 mile jog.

Back to a Steel Cut Breakfast.

Today is double oat day because Ted is enjoying Bob’s Red Mill SC Oats with me.  Cinnamon and 2 English Butter Toffee Tea Bags were added.



Shake’in it up with a Cappuccino Spiru-Tein Shake, 1/2 a grape fruit and one hormonal strawberry.


After a fun weekend, it’s back to work.  After a weeks vacation, work isn’t so bad. Have a great Monday.

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