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Before I get into this post, make sure (even if you skip the part about Salba) that you check out the blog recommended below. If you want to laugh hysterically, and you’re a woman, it’s a must see. 

Do you remember my post about SalbaCheck here as a reminder.


I received a letter in reference to a great article “Salba the Seed of Wellness” An Ancient Grain that is Chasing Diabetes”. But don’t go away yet… just because you don’t have diabetes.  “Salba was referred to by the ancient Aztecs as the “Running Food” because it  was a main source of energy.  It is one of the highest whole food sources for dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids in addition to possessing a rich micronutrient content, high levels of calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and antioxidant capacity comparable to some berries.”

The products (see my post linked above) taste great and the grain is believed to offer cardio protective benefits by reducing the risk of heart disease.  It is currently being researched for its weight loss properties.   If you haven’t bothered to check out Salba, do it now. It’s a healthy choice for the whole family and they won’t even know it.

Thurday Night Activities


It’s a cake night tonight.  This early Mother’s Day cake is a chocolate 9″ round, double layer with cannoli filling.  The cannoli filling is sandwiched between a thin layer of homemade fudge icing and frosted in chocolate.

Now about that post mentioned in the beginning.  It is from LifeJustKeepsGettingWeirder blog spot.  Click on it and see what all the laughing is about.  Then please COME ON BACK and let me know your thoughts.  Did we laugh at the same thing?

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