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I love Friday. I’ve said it before, everyone smiles at work. Customers are happier, vendors are more willing to drop prices, the weather is nicer (even if it rains – figure that one out 😉  ), it’s just all good on Friday. 

Yesterday I had a great workout. It was shoulder day.  20 minute T/M run. 35 minutes of shoulders and abs. Shane and I went for a 38 minute jog/walk.  He had to have a shower so we tried to make it home early enough to get him washed, nails cut and dried.  The dried didn’t happen but the other two did. He is a complete moosh dog when being bathed.  I should take a photo of him in the shower but I think he might feel that is an invasion of his privacy. I don’t want to offend. 

I changed up my breakfast yesterday and had one terrific vegetarian omelet. It was super. Sorry, no photos.  I ate it too fast and was focused on the crossword puzzle with Ted before I realized the error of my photographic ways.  Today there are no breakfast photos either – no food for you!  I went back to good old fashioned Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats.


Exercise:   Just a heart healthy fast 3.5 mile walk.  This morning’s walk was hot, and stinky sticky. Got up a little late. We were watching “The Good Witch”, a Hallmark family movie last night until 11 pm. 

This morning, first …. DSC_0714Welcome to my blog!









Next, what books do you like to read?   I enjoy crime solving books for entertainment.  I also enjoy books that teach and lately, that has been a full menu for me.  I began with curiosity regarding “Twitter”.  A very good book if you know about twitter but really don’t understand it’s popularity or what it’s good for.  Valuable source.  I’m still working through the last 3/4’s of this book.










Here are the 3 next in line to promote some serious understanding of the latest crazes…


“Facebook: The Missing Manual”:   There is a lot about Facebook that I just don’t know. Applications I don’t know how to use or even realize exist. 

“Will Write For Food”:  Blogging about food. Anyone can do it, but for people to read it, it should be good.  Definitely a must read.

“The iPhone”:  Do you have one?  I do.  This little piece of electronic marvelry is beyond comprehension.  All the applications.  All the functions. It’s an amazing piece of equipment.  It would be a sin not to get the most out of it.  I love the thin, light weight, ultra-responsive phone-computer-notepad-camera. 

Lastly, this is what I want to begin reading for entertainment. Don’t give me a “It figures!” because it’s a book about cooking.

DSC_0713“Cooking Dirty”.  This is a book about life behind the scenes in a restaurant kitchen.  It should be quite amusing because unlike others I’ve read where the author takes you through his/her experience in a top culinary school, this book avoids all that fancy-smancy stuff completely.  It makes the cooks/chefs the “bad boys” we all like.

Finally, this morning, there was no paper delivery.  Ted went to play golf until noon. A half day vacation for him. Although he was already working at 6:30 am (he works from home) trying to get some critical things done before leaving. He’ll be back at it at 12 today.  Such a devoted employee.

As for me, I took photos of my books for you.

Shane on the other hand could care less about the paper. He was trying to get the treat out of his chewy bone. 


He finally accomplished the task because now he has retired to the smallest, most remote space in the house which is under the desk, by my feet, where I type.


Silly boy. 

Happy Friday Everyone and, once again, what books do you like to read?


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