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Wrap up to Tuesday…it IS Tuesday isn’t it?

It turned out to be a beautiful October day. Sunshine, crisp and cool. That’s Ted mowing the lawn…the grass just won’t stop growing. This morning was cold..34 degrees.brrr11120but Shane and I ventured out for a 30+ minute walk. His leg is FINALLY better. 

Getting up was easier and I ended up doing 40 min. of running on the treadmill. I worked back and triceps today but should’ve gone a bit heavier. Oh well…always tomorrow.

Since I wanted to try a recipe to include on the trip this weekend, I doubled it and made up part of the ingredients because I didn’t want to freeze the salmon.  I call them “Spicy Salmon Bean Patties”. 



I used 1 14 oz can Pink Salmon + 1 can of cannellini beans(drain&rinse) + 2tbs garbonzos (left over from lunch). The above was added last because I made a double batch of the following to use on Thurs. when I make them for our trip:  Combine in food processor: 1 chopped red onion (remember…this is doubled to use 1/2 w/ the above salmon & beans!) + 6 tsp minced garlic + 4 tsp curry powder + 1 tsp red pepper + 1/2 cup fresh mint + 2 tsp ground cumin + 1 1/2 tsp tabasco sauce + S&P to taste. Separate in 1/2 and to the 1/2 for tonights dinner, I added the salmon and beans + 1 tsp lemon juice.  Mix together 1/4 c parmesan cheese+ 1 tsp each: cilantro, paprika, brown sugar.  I sprinkled and pressed onto each patty the cheese mixture.  For Thurs., I will add a bit of brown sugar to my mint & pepper mix and maybe an extra can of beans.  I will also form them into bit size appetizer patties and come up w/ some kind of dipping sauce.  Any suggestions?  What do you think about the sugar to tone down the heat?

Well, now it’s off to watch the debate…. Go ……I’m not telling!

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