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Flying into Sunshine

We were off to an early start this morning. Shane and I walked around the college at 4:30 AM then Ted and I were out the door, on the way to the airport by 6 AM.

The scene as we were taking off was snow covered roads, house tops, fields of white… get the picture?  Hope so because my eye-fi isn’t uploading. 9465

We landed in Charlotte. You have to love the Charlotte airport (unless you’re in a hurry). It has a lot of food options and shops to occupy your time. 

Our first stop was Starbuck’s.  I didn’t want to fill up before we decided on a lunch spot so  I had a small coffee. Ted had a turkey with provolone sandwich.  We then found a smoothy place “Yovana”, since I was beginning to feel a little pit in my stomach.  That was a bit rough because I didn’t want fruit juice in my smoothy. I just wanted a small raspberry, peach, non fat yogurt smoothy so I asked if they would replace the fruit juice with water.  After some curled noses and questions about flavor, I successfully assured them it would be quite tasty enough for me. 

So here we sit at 12:05 waiting.  Our flight leaves for Key West at 1:35 so we will be hunting for a pre-flight meal in just a few. 

Sorry I have no pics.  Sure will be a bummer if that Eye-Fi doesn’t work the entire time we are in the Keys.  Keeping my fingers crossed. Have a super (bowl) Sunday!  I’m for Pitt!  Ted’s for Cardinals – boo-hiss!


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