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Can you believe it is 52 Degrees!  The sun isn’t shining and it’s raining but… 52 Degrees! Unfortunately the temp is predicted to drop by the end of today, but this warm spell is nice because it keeps the snow accumulation in check.

Today’s work out was 40 minutes on the ET.  40 minutes  chest and biceps. 40 minutes walking really fast with Shane. The motivating factor for the fast walk this morning was 1.  It was raining, and 2. I didn’t dress for rain, I dressed for warm weather walking.  All in all, good morning activities.

Breakfast:  Prework out Jay Robb Shake.  Post workout eats were 1/4 cup GF Steel Cut oats with 1 TBS 10 grain cereal. 1/4 banana and cinnamon added during cooking.  Fruit was 1/2 a grapefruit. Protein was 1 scoop Jay Robb + 1/4 banana + lots of ice and water. 

wilton-cake-pan-002As for the days activities, we have a meeting to discuss finances and then get some work orders out, and safety notes distributed to employees….plus all the other wonderful surprises in store for the day.  Going at it with a grin!

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