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What a Day

Today flew by. Although it wasn’t incredibly busy at work, there were things that cropped up that needed attention.  By the end of the day, I felt “accomplished”.  Isn’t that the best way to leave work? 9749

Speaking of leaving work,  I started my Jeep and set off down the road. What’s THAT noise?  I rolled the window down to see if it was only on the inside, but to my embarrassment, it was causing a ruckus with the neighborhood dogs!  Then all of a sudden, with one big “sucking” sound, it was gone. I braced myself, but all was ok.  So now I wondered how to describe this noise to Ted?  I told him it sounded like a squealing baked potato in the microwave.  He laughed at that and, since the Jeep is staying home tomorrow and I have to take the Freestyle for inspection, he will see if he can recreate the commotion.

Tomorrow is Halloween and it seems retailers are making the best of it. Although they are expecting a less than bountiful Christmas Season, they are raking in the customers for this Halloween because it is on a Friday. Even Ted and I are STILL in the Halloweeny spirit!  We get to see Nicholas dressed up when Angela and Steve bring him over tomorrow night. Stay tuned for, what we predict to be, some incredibly cute pictures!

Tonight Ted has to work for 30 min. or so and I am going to relax in a bath for a while. Shane… well, he will just have to make do.9642


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