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One word before I get started:  Please Vote on the Cake!  You now have to scroll WAY, WAY down to the bottom as the blogs “mysteriously” they were put in date order, most recent being last! Thank you!

I’ll start with the Sunday review and then go onto Monday:  Richard came over for a little visit Sunday. He and Ted were reviewing the completed wall. Shane was in his glory because Richard is one of his best friends. Richard always plays with him and talks to him when he visits.

Richard, Ted & Shane

Richard, Ted & Shane

We watched a little football. Dallas Won-Yay!   Giants Won- Boo!  We had a good dinner: batter dipped cod, sauteed on high heat in olive and peanut oils then tossed it in the oven to finish. We had oven roasted broccoli & asparagus to accompany the fish.

Now as for Monday:  Sometimes you have to go back to work to recover from the weekend. This is one of those Mondays.

I’ll give you a tip to motivate your self to get out of bed and get working out:  Open your eyes and get into the bathroom. Turn the light on (even if you have a night light – Get That Light ON!) Brush your teeth, wash your face (if you have hair, tie it up), put your clothes on that were laid out the night before.  All this time, tell your self, “Just get into the gym and start working out then I can take tomorrow off”.  Keep repeating that statement and before you know it, you have had a TERRIFIC workout! Good Job!  Check out the Back routine under “Category: Exercises”. 

For a Monday morning breakfast when you might have over indulged in “dirty” eating Sat. or Sun., have the following:  1 Protein Shake with 3 oz raspberries (Chocolate Jay Robb is good). Use lots of ice and water to make 2 8oz cups.  1/4 cup Bulgur Wheat w/ Soy & Flax heated with 1 tsp cinnamon. Add 4 large strawberries to your hot cereal and enjoy!

What a great surprise today: email from Teddy. See below in next post and also a picture from Pam. She and Heman enjoying a nice evening out in sunny, warm Florida.  Lucky Pam.

Pam and Heman Enjoying a Night Out

Pam and Heman Enjoying a Night Out

C-Flex gets to use the logo regarding our contribution to the tree planting in Kenya. It is just one way to offset one’s emissions.  You can also check it out at our site: www.c-flex.com
One more thing for today:  Did you guys see the yahoo video regarding Leo the Jack Russell who saved the box of kittens from the house fire?  He risked his life and the fireman was carry his limp body out and gave him oxygen to revive him. It is the most heart warming story we’ve had in a long, long time!  Kittens and dog survived!  Happy ending.

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