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Upon returning from our 3 1/2 mile run, Shane and I found Ted industriously wielding an ax in the back yard.  He has declared war on some very determined bamboo type brush that insists on growing and blocking our view of the waterfall in the creek. 

dscn0790He said his back was stiff before embarking on the bamboo endeavor, but the chopping seemed to loosen it up.  My thoughts? …wait until tonight.

As for the workout this beautiful Tuesday morning, it was chest and biceps, preceded by 37 minutes on the Elliptical trainer. 

Breakfast was 1/3 cup dry (more than normal because it was the end of the package and I decided to finish it), cinnamon, and 3 dried plums.  Protein was a chocolate VPX shake with FUZE.


The day has begun with more energy around the house. Lets just hope it lasts today. Yesterday was ridiculous. Eyes were closing, feet were dragging, mind was shutting down…awful feeling.

Have a super, ENERGIZED Tuesday!




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